topshop dress; jessica simpson platforms

At this point, a tropical vacation is about as foreign to me as... a tropical vacation. Which is to say, I haven't been near a body of water that did not exist somewhere off the smog-beaten path in way too long and it's not in the cards any time soon.

Not that I'm complaining -- that 20 minute drive to Malibu ain't half-bad. I'm just reaching for something to explain why my wardrobe has gone from 0 to a few island prints seemingly overnight. This dress was calling to me from the Topshop website, then it sold out in my size... and that's when Julia came to the rescue and picked it up for me from the NY store (This is becoming a habit. I'm sorry Julia.). Happy happy joy joy.

In other news, I'm on page 44 of Women's Health doing a mini-DIY of a white button-up shirt for the August issue! You can pick up a copy or check it out here.