March 31, 201236 Comments

What I Wore: Wearing The Pants

Armani Exchange red trousers with Blood is the New Black "Terror" Boyfriend Tee, Monki denim shirt (a hand-me-down from Jayne), vintage belt and Theysken's Theory pumps / photos by Joshua Spencer

Natalie and I are hard at work styling a 20-person campaign this week which led us to talking about the "stylist uniform." Namely about how too much of our day can onsist of (often literal) running around and needing a "uniform" that can take us from air kisses  at a 'shcmancy showroom (secret: my black lipstick doubles as kiss-kiss repellant!) to schlepping returns to hands-and-knees digging through a warehouse. Looking like a Fashion Week street style snap, while fun (sometimes), just isn't always practical. But you knew that already.

As my day to day routine varies, I don't know that I'll ever have, nor truly want, a "uniform" per se, however I do love transitional pieces that can take me from "Stylist" to "Assistant" to "Writer" to "Creative Director" to "WTF am I doing with me life?" all in one day.

I won't wax poetic on the "Pop of color for Spring!", but since dark wash denim gets monotonous and I get "are you feeling ok?" looks when I opt for leggings-as-pants, these red trousers (sent to me by A/X and available here) have been my saving grace this week. Give or take a 6" wedge, they say "business" when I need them to and "casual" when I don't. And I think we've talked about this before, but red is still my power color, so they may or may not give me superpowers, too. Always a plus.

PS - Braids!

January 4, 201224 Comments

Style: Pepto Pink on Pink (on Pink)


photos by Julia Chesky

Happy New Year!

I'm currently screwing my head back on from a whirlwind friends & family-filled holiday. So I didn't get the neon 'Jazzi' sign I wanted for Christmas (poop), but I did get all my favorite foods, beer, friends, an overdose of love and support, 1-months rent, Savage Beauty, velvet hangers, and a new hairdo (!) from the incredible Janine at Hairroin Salon who I also credit for a few cute dudes who have come my way. Consider me content.

Santa also sent me 4 of my East-coast besties for a holiday visit including Julia, who took the photos above and a bunch more on the way. Thanks Julia and our beloved Paul Smith wall!

2012 is on and poppin' and I hope you're feeling it too. More pastels and dark lips in 2012 (or is that just me?)!

P.S. - If I have another yard sale will you come? We had a blast at the last one and want to do it again (on a sunnier day). We've got more stuff.

Top to Bottom: .99 cent store black beanie, Versace January Jones 2120 sunglasses, pink H&M knit sweater until I upgrade to this one, J. Crew pink sateen Cafe Capri trousers (similar to these), Pour la Victoire Marseille bag, Theysken's Theory white patent wedges (1|2|3|4). Beauty note: NARS Le Train Bleu lips, China Glaze Neon Celtic Sun nails.

December 1, 201114 Comments

Style: Once More With Sequins



[apologies to my Grandmother who reads this blog and hates when I make this face]

photos by Joshua Spencer

This holiday thing creeps up quicker and quicker every year. I think we should make this an every-other-year kind of affair… anyone with me? That said, every holiday is an excuse for new duds and this one's no exception. While as a freelancer I don't get invited to many holiday parties (which I'm sooo fine with), this is probably what I'd wear to one. And how I've gotten by this long with the name "Jazzi" without owning a sequin blazer is beyond me.

Armani Exchange sequin blazer worn with: J. Crew tank, Remnants of LA necklace, old Forever 21 shorts, Theysken’s Theory pumps

November 30, 201120 Comments

Style: Variations on a Theme



Armani Exchange faux leather mini skirt (on sale!) worn with: Zara blouse, floppy black hat, Pour la Victoire Marseille bag, J. Crew Dolci tank (also on sale!), Theysken's Theory white patent pumps, Remnants of LA necklace

photos by Joshua Spencer

This wasn't an intentional 1 skirt, 2 ways kinda thing but I guess it technically is. Kind of. I've wanted a faux leather mini for a while now. I might subconsciously be collecting leather (or pleather as it may be) in every silhouette? Variations on these looks have been taking me everywhere recently, and the skirt from A/X has been a much needed addition to the collection.

June 27, 201126 Comments

What I Wore: License to Frill


Opening Ceremony meets Pendleton dress, Chloe docs, Nordstrom over-the-knee socks, gifted Coach Classics x Net-a-Porter Stewardess bag (so obsessed)

Despite doing a fair amount of online shopping while I was on bed-rest (in the comfort of my undies), now that I actually have to put on real-people clothes again, I find myself continually reaching for this tent dress. Every girl needs a good tent for when you have to wear fabric, but would really rather be naked. Preferably one with built in style like these excess frills that give the appearance that I put in a modicum of effort. Plus, tents don't irritate my healing scar like all my tighter options. Definitely a keeper. And the knee-highs? Always a favorite but the real truth is I haven't waxed my legs since the Dark Ages... hey, you you'd be a bit fuzzy if you'd been cooped up for a month too! The highs and lows of social constructs. The shoes however did take some effort to lace up... baby steps. Next week I think I'll tackle separates again... and maybe a little body hair removal, too. Maybe.

In other news, I'm moving into a cute new apartment this week (Silverlake - Insert your hipster joke here then meet me at Intelligentsia and say it to my face!) which means eyeing design blogs and forcing myself to get rid of all the clothes/shoes/etc. I've been hoarding. Watch this space for a mini virtual yard sale soon!

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