March 31, 201219 Comments

Silly Putty: Timo Weiland x Tsubo

at In n Out wearing gifted Tsubo x Timo Weiland Sedna sandal in Putty / photos by Julia Chesky

I've been describing this shoe as a stucco-colored gladiator flatform meets orthopedic brace... which sounds so wrong, but they're just right and well, and either way I love them and felt like I was bouncing around on clouds all day. Which means they're crazy comfortable. I'd normally have opted for the black version, but decided to take leap of footwear faith and got them in Putty.

Also, toes coming out of hiding and donning nail colors you would've picked as a kid? A sure sign of Springtime.


February 4, 201228 Comments

DIY: Givenchy Fall/Winter 11 Final Toe Heels


My Do-It-Youself Givenchy Fall/Winter '11 Final Toe heels using Aldo Fravel pumps. Original shoe available (and on sale!) here / photos by Jory Cordy (and that's his cat, not mine)

Here's a shoe that was so hot on the runway, I might have considered splurging on it. Then I picked them up off an After-Christmas sale shelf and thought twice (out loud, to Julia)... I could easily make these, and almost as good as the original. You may have thought the same, but here's proof it can be done.

This DIY might serve to disprove the Project Triangle: it was executed cheaply, quickly and looks good. I used:

1 pair of hoop earrings, mine are 3" diameter yellow gold costume hoops, about $8 [bangles might be another great option]

black classic pumps, ALDO's 'Fravel' pump is perfect

optional: black elastic, round nose pliers for more secure placement (which I did not need)


Open the earring clasp and slide up the vamp. That's it. Optional: you could secure the hoops in place with a couple stitches or by using pliers to round off the wire earring ends and stringing through a small piece of elastic. If you find the right diameter earring for your foot, the hoops should stay perfectly in place with no additional support (plus, then they're easily removable).

This one really is as easy as it looks and dresses up your basic back pumps. I'm pretty impressed by the runway accuracy on this one and it costs next to nothing compared to the original whopping retail price of $790 (they are still nearly $400 on sale!). I'm planning to slip some more ornate hoops (big and beaded, in particular) over my pumps for different looks.

April 19, 201122 Comments

On life & style


at the Levi's Workshop green screen inside MOCA's "Art in the Streets" wearing: Cheap Monday Tabitha pants / overalls, Vans Paityn creeper sneakers, Madewell Top, J. Crew beanie

I've pretty much been living in these overalls. I wore them all weekend covering the MOCA "Art in the Streets" exhibit for NYLON and then unhooked them and let the straps hang when I wore them as pants to dinner. Overalls as day and nightwear? Why the heck not! The sneaker-creepers are a recent buy and yes, identical to the Jesse Jo x Vans collab except for the black laces. I actually really wanted the Jesse Jo version, but they were nowhere to be found and these were on major sale so, yeah.

In other news...

- Currently obsessed with: pigtails... not like the photos above, more like two little messy buns I've been wearing my hair in (pics soon). Also, MOCA's awesome new street art exhibit.

- Currently thinking about: writing a book, reading a book, hair dye, trading in life as a freelancer for something more stable, reruns of Martin and  Tom & Jerry cartoons.

- the video campaign I did with Olsenboye comes out tomorrow (eep!). I'll also be doing a little guest-blogging there. Happy to support an accessible line of cute clothes for young girls! There's one dress in particular I'll be posting soon that's definitely worth running to the Junior's section for ladies!

- Major tease (don't hate me): I started using an actual miracle beauty product. It's all natural and got rid of some hyper-pigmentation that I thought was permanent within a WEEK. Even my boyfriend complimented me on my better-than-usual looking skin and he does not notice things like nice skin. I PROMISE to reveal the secret in an upcoming beauty post.

- I had an overnight blur of a trip to NYC for a fun styling gig. Note to self: need more excuses to go to NYC!

- I successfully built Ikea shelves for my magazines and shoes. Really excited about that.

- I've got some closet-stock that fell victim to Spring Cleaning... planning to do a little blog pop-up shop soon!

- My birthday is less than a month away (May 9th)! Hey, Tauruses! On my wishlist: a new juicer, farmer's market shopping spree, truffle fries, shoes.

- Finally got a point & shoot camera... keep forgetting to use it.

- Gearing up for surgery again. Some of you may know I was diagnosed with endometriosis a few years ago. I had a laproscopy at the end of last year, but the pain only got worse. A second opinion last week turned up fibroids, two new endometrial cysts and as my doctor put it "your pelvis is a mess!" So next month, I'll be having a myomectomy and taking it easy til then. My mom had the surgery years ago and she's all healthy now - can't wait to feel the same!

Anyone else out there with a heaping case of Endo? What treatment, if any, have you found that worked? Would love to hear your stories and I hope sharing my own might help someone else out in the future.

November 30, 201022 Comments

ALDO Dance Off

Dancin' Machine aka me in my ALDO shoes (and more ALDO shoes hanging out on Sean's bedside table), Kate Moss Tee by Deter, AA bloomers, Cartier the Puppy. post sponsored by ALDO

Confession: I can only drop it like it's lukewarm at best. Despite this shortcoming, I do love a good pair of dancin' shoes and ALDO makes some really really good ones. And for the past few weeks I've been eating up everyone's ALDO Let's Dance videos, so when they asked me to do one and spread the word, I decided to join the fun - potential embarrassment be damned.

So while I can't work a stripper pole (well, I've never tried), teach you how to Dougie, pirouette or even bust a move like Napoleon Dynamite - I can jump on my bed and wiggle around in my bloomers... and that's more than enough to enter for a chance to win one of many prizes including $2,500 cash and a crap-load of free shoes...

Ooor just head over to ALDO and watch everyone else's entries. I promise you clicks full of secondhand embarrassment (some people just take things way too seriously), pure joy, creativity, good laughs and sick shoes.

Fair warning though: you WILL have the contest song, "Sweet Sixteen," stuck in your head for days. Sorry.

And while we're at, I'm going to go ahead and play favorites: I LOVE THIS GUY and I sincerely hope he takes a prize!

September 27, 20105 Comments

Channeling: Rachel Antonoff x Bass SS11


Got these black & white Eddie Bauer penny loafers on eBay. +1 on the very short list of flats I own. I'm loving them, even if they don't have super cute heart-shaped penny slots like the loafers from Ms. Antonoff's Spring shoe collab with Bass (practical inventor of the penny loafer). Still bummed I missed her presentation because I goofed up my calendar! Photo below borrowed from the one & only Elizabeth.


Rachel Antonoff Spring 2011 presentation photo via White Lightning

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