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February 22, 2010 - 4 comments

NYFW: Came, Saw, Peaced It.


neoLA jacket, phi pumps, skirt from inven.tory in NY, photo by Gala

I'm back from NY (and back from the freezing cold)! I stayed with one one of my best girls in BK (thanks again Cam!), and while I found most of the collections rather dull - I'm not much of a Fall/Winter girl - I did have a great time doing various non-prescribed activities, some fashion related, some not.

I love seeing all the fashion faces in one room at the shows, but I can people-watch at a party (and did). To really see the clothes & trends, I prefer a nice showroom visit or all these awesome live streams cropping up. I think shows have their place and will never die, but this season it was so clear that Fashion Week as we knew it is changing (I pretty much agree with Scott on how) and that is NOT necessarily a bad thing.

Moving right along... I had the best time at IFB's Evolving Influence conference. The topics & lineup of panelists was pretty unbeatable, so I knew it would be as informative as it would be fun. The blogging community has embraced me so warmly and I LOVE the opportunities, friendships and inspiration I've found via the internet, so I'm happy to be a part of it. As we saw this past week, the blogforce is pretty friggin legit now, and brings a really fresh perspective to fashion. I feel like in some ways I'm still kicking and screaming at the door of "the industry" so it's really nice to have this place where I don't need permission or an invitation to be me. Phew.

At IFB, I caught up with a lot of friends, some who I've met many times in person and others I knew mostly from their icons on Twitter. Everyone was so nice, and it was awesome meeting fans & readers of this blog, as well as many blogs I read myself. I won't even bother trying to list all the names here because I'd undoubtedly forget someone, and it would be way too long of a list anyhow. BUT know, you all rock! Oh, and check me out on

I guess I'll just put it out there now while I'm rambling: it looks like a move back to the East coast could happen sooner than later... but honestly it seems like I'm moving back and forth like every other year now, so it wouldn't be much of a surprise.

I didn't take many pics in NY, nor did I shop much, but now that I'm not being forced to bundle up 24/7 all I want to do is dress up haha.

It was great seeing everyone in NY and I'll definitely be back soon!

September 3, 2009 - 5 comments

Inspiration: Aurel Schmidt, Style & Art


She may well be entering "it girl" territory, but Aurel Schmidt isn't just talented-by-association. She is a genius artist first; the wacky downtown NY sense of style & ascent to indie darling are just icing on a delish cake. She has serious talent, the permanent kind, the kind worth framing - things that I'd actually pay money for. From her signature black frames and cow-licked hair, to her unabashed honesty, to the profanity and humor in her artwork - I love this girl.

Once I'm in a position to buy art, Aurel's pieces will be among the firsts I'm after. My Grandmother's definitely going to hate it, and my neighbors might not want to come over for dinner, but I like my art to talk, not just sit there and look pretty (though that has a time and place to). Aurel's amazingly detailed, beautifully executed pieces are grotesque (maybe), honest (definitely), and fantastic conversation starters.


Aurel in Interview


Tiny Vices / Burn Outs / Maneater

Interview Magazine: The New York Art Scene - Aurel Schmidt

January 08 Art Talks Video Interview with Aurel Schmidt (watch!)

Sophomore Fall 2009 Lookbook's Front Row Faces 2009

[more of her style & art under the cut]

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May 17, 2009 - 5 comments

by Barnaby Ruhe


Sinead  took me out to a portrait party & birthday drinks last night. The art crowd is always more entertaining than the fashion crowd, and this was no exception. I got to get my muse on and had a portrait painted by the very talented Barnaby Ruhe. I also met NYC's version of the Mad Hatter and March Hare (two completely off the wall old guys, one of which waxed poetic on my heels for a good 10 minutes, while the other proceeded to stroke said heels with a miniature pair of marble hands he carries with him at all times). When I told the March Hare that I worked in fashion he got very serious suddenly and replied: "We all have our problems."

Any night that I temporarily question whether or not I have actually fallen down the rabbit hole... is a good one. Thanks, Sinead!

May 29, 2008 - 10 comments

Questions Answered: Advice to a Newbie Intern in NYC


Wendy on one of our grocery trips

Question: "Please, oh, please share your advice for Wendy to the rest of the suburbanites/country girls heading to the city for the summer."

Answer: I asked Wendy to help answer this one for you, since we chat so much, I have no idea what I've said.

Wendy is a student from TX, living with me at my apartment in NYC until July while she interns at Marc by Marc Jacobs. She got her internship the moral way - by applying, and we struck up a dialogue via the internet and I ended up hosting her during her stay. She's a total sweetheart, indulges my incessant LOST babble, gets to go to MJ employee-only sample sales, and brings home lots of goodies.

My words to Wendy & some of her comments:

Nobody really cares what interns wear

"this really did prove to be true, especially given how casual my office is. they're all very well dressed, but they don't make it into a big deal or expect you to be decked out in marc every day because they know you're a student who hasn't had the luxury of buying heaps of designer clothes at sample sales for years."

Don't worry too much and don't take in personally. Your boss probably has a screw loose, almost everyone does in fashion. If there's a miscommunication, explain how you were confused instead of just saying "sorry", try to understand, correct, and move on.

Getting around in NY: Nuff said.

"my new best friend!"

It's OKAY to shop at Forever 21. Just pick carefully. Some of my Forever 21 pieces have passed for designer on many occasions with editors/people who should know better.

The villain is always the bald guy. [in reference to action movies]

Don't talk to strangers. They're probably axe murders.

At least see if you can be reimbursed for MetroCards and the like.

Cereal is not dinner. Pizza, apple pie, and french fries are.

All the cute boys live in Brooklyn.