March 18, 201121 Comments

Kanon + Sophomore: Truth or Dare


Actually went out-out last night to celebrate Sophomore's new "Truth or Dare" lookbook short with my favorite Geri Hirsch! It's a must-see by Cass Bird starring Chloe Sevigny, Jen Brill, Lesley Arfin and Scott Campbell - also know as a whole friggin lotta crazy/sexy/cool in one room. Loved meeting Ms. & Ms. Sophomore, Chrissy Miller and Madeline von Froomer and hearing about their Madonna inspiration. It's always fun when the NYC kids come to L.A.

Lots more photos from the night and my own little (PG-13) game of Truth or Dare with the Gerbear all on Kanon's blog! Including our first AOL screen names, oy! Tell the truth, what was yours?

May 5, 201016 Comments

I Heart: Loulou in L.A.

I selfishly declare that Loulou's time in L.A. on her west coast tour was way too short! However we definitely managed to squeeze in some adventures and I'm now dreaming up a trip to London for more hang-time on her turf.

The best thing about having a new friend in town is doing all those things you get too caught up to do otherwise. We  shopped at the Flea Market, ate diner food, ventured to the Valley to visit Faire Frou Frou (basically Kiki de Montparnasse's adorable little sister who prefers unicorns & cotton candy over cigarettes & film noir), sat in lots of traffic, enjoyed a cloudy day at the Observatory, then a day at Disneyland where I ate like a total pre-menstrual pig. See photographic evidence below. My favorite Disneyland moments were definitely Captain EO and the Haunted Mansion.

Loulou is a gem of a woman: fun, funny, smart, insanely talented, drop-dead gorgeous with sick style and perfect bangs. Oh, and let's not forget her killer lingerie line. Seriously, click that link if you want to fall in love.


fun with Loulou at Disneyland & the Griffith Observatory. photos by me.

July 8, 200915 Comments

What I Wore: Op Campaign Launch Party @ Mel’s

Hit up the Op launch party last night with Jackie! I was mildly concerned I'd be overdressed in because (a) it's Op, a lifestyle brand, (b) it was at Mel's diner - pretty much a trendy Denny's - and (c) it's LA - all signs point to casual. But this dress has been sitting in my closet for a while, and I felt like wearing it, so I did

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