January 31, 201214 Comments

Lip Trill: Illamasqua in Pristine


Wearing Illamasqua black lipstick in Pristine / photos by Julia Chesky

I might be completely sabotaging my love life with this one? Whatever, it keeps the distractions at bay. Flipping sub-culture aesthetics on their head has become somewhat of a past-time for me. I'd advise pairing a black lipstick with a big smile so not to scare the kiddies. And no one will make out with you, so there's that too. If you dare, you can use a black gel liner with black kohl liner (my favorites) to a very similar effect until you're ready, if ever, to fully commit. I used black liner to line and fill in my lips here as well.

I've got one more lipstick to add to this saga soon...

September 30, 201021 Comments

Sun in my eyes


Diaper denim shorts from Topshop, J. Crew tee, Chloe Docs, F21 + Noir + Ninaki rings, Luxirare cuff, Tom Ford glasses, gifted Illamasqua lipstick in Growl, gifted* Timex Originals watch

Is it incredibly lame to make yourself friendship bracelets? Nah. Well, maybe, but who cares. I don't believe for a second that all these girls with arms full of them have that many BFFs and I surely don't (but I couldn't ask for anything better than the ones I do have!). Anyway, my very best friend for life, my mommy, came over the other day to catch up over old photos I found in my Grandmother's attic and we ended up sitting and braiding these together - getting great mileage out of my $10 super-sized bag of rainbow embroidery floss. Wore this look out in Santa Monica with Sean, who is a huge fan of the drop-crotch diaper look (not).

While I'm waiting for Fashion Month to be over before I talk about my favorite collections, can we just have a brief BFF love-fest post? Ok, I'll start. One of my very best friends, Leah (who is no doubt reading this, so hi!) is away in Kenya for a year doing amazing work (it's so nice to use the word "amazing" in the not-so-hyperbolic sense for a change!) for the Kibera School for Girls and I could not be more proud of her. Luckily we've got Skype to make the distance a little less painful and the photos she sends me of the kids are priceless. But I have to make sure she remembers who her first little African baby was! I wish I could go visit her, but I'm super excited to see what textiles and trinkets she brings me back (hint hint, Leah!). Anything in particular I should have her keep an eye out for? Man, I'm selfish.

Your turn.

*You've probably noticed those Timex banners on my sidebar? The watch in this post was sponsored by them and I love it! Thank you Timex. FTC compliance here.

ETA: My hair in this post is brought to you by this poodle from a Japanese dog grooming magazine. You just never know where inspiration may strike...

June 11, 201039 Comments

Beauty: Dark Lips, Test 1


Kat Von D lipstick in Homegirl; vintage cap

Okay, I did it. I've wanted to try out dark lips forever. Actually, just lipstick forever. I've legit never worn it, which is hard to believe as I am quite a makeup junkie. Now I've yet to go out of the house in the look, but I'm finally thinking I could (albeit at night, after dinner, with no make-out sessions and I'll need some liner and a good lip primer first).

My mom has worn a dark eggplant shade (I think MAC's Cyber currently) for as long as I can remember and she wears it so well, I thought maybe I could too? I've tried out quite a few shades in the past month, both drugstore and not, and the top contenders are this one by Kat Von D (her pigments are actually really really nice, whodathunkit?) and one called Growl by the amazing Illamasqua who recently sent me some shades to try. I'll try to post photos of that one as well. All of the drugstore shades failed miserably to be honest, but there was one by Revlon that was eh... ok. I also want to try Chanel's Hysteria next time I hit up a makeup counter - anyone have a review?

Accessory note: loving my new (but old) leather biker scarf worn backwards as a turban. Oh, and who's that little monster? That's Cartier (aka Tha Carter III) -- cute and mischievous, but does not belong to me.