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ETA: Our group video!

The Olsenboye video series I took part in this past January came out today! I truly had a great time shooting with Natalie, Caylee, Karla and Olivia and it was fantastic getting to know the girls behind the beloved blogs. I still feel super strange in front of the camera (though I feel right at home behind it) but the whole team and the girls made it all good!

As I've said before - and anyone who's read this blog for a while knows - I'm a serious bargain hunter. Expensive clothes are a luxury and by no means a necessity when it comes to personal style, so I was very happy to support a brand that champions budget-conscious style for a younger audience. Youthful as it is, there are some great pieces that all (well, most) ages could rock. I'll show you the dress that's made it into my regular wardrobe rotation soon (Natalie wears it in her video).

Thanks to my alma maters, Teen Vogue and Fashionista, for debuting the videos/Q&A and to my buddies at NYLON for posting the behind-the-scenes video! And FYI - I'll be doing a little guest blogging on Olsenboye's site this week. And of course, thank you Olsenboye and everyone who worked on the shoot!

PS - If you were wondering... yes, that's a staged bedroom - not my own, but play along?


February 19, 201113 Comments

Vegas: Two Truths, One Lie


As I recover from the flu and an action-packed couple of weeks in NYC, then Las Vegas for the WWDMagic & Project tradeshows... I bring you Two Truths & One Lie:

1. I hit a small jackpot on a random slot. Not life-changing money, but it paid more than my last job did.

2. I found an original Philip Treacy hat on the casino floor. OMG.

3. This night started out with a waiter spilling a tray of drinks down my new Zara dress.

Guess the lie. This should be easy...

ETA: Answer in the comments!

May 5, 201016 Comments

I Heart: Loulou in L.A.

I selfishly declare that Loulou's time in L.A. on her west coast tour was way too short! However we definitely managed to squeeze in some adventures and I'm now dreaming up a trip to London for more hang-time on her turf.

The best thing about having a new friend in town is doing all those things you get too caught up to do otherwise. We  shopped at the Flea Market, ate diner food, ventured to the Valley to visit Faire Frou Frou (basically Kiki de Montparnasse's adorable little sister who prefers unicorns & cotton candy over cigarettes & film noir), sat in lots of traffic, enjoyed a cloudy day at the Observatory, then a day at Disneyland where I ate like a total pre-menstrual pig. See photographic evidence below. My favorite Disneyland moments were definitely Captain EO and the Haunted Mansion.

Loulou is a gem of a woman: fun, funny, smart, insanely talented, drop-dead gorgeous with sick style and perfect bangs. Oh, and let's not forget her killer lingerie line. Seriously, click that link if you want to fall in love.


fun with Loulou at Disneyland & the Griffith Observatory. photos by me.

October 3, 200911 Comments

What I Wore: LA County Fair


Topshop dress; Hot Topic jelly bracelets, flea market strap bracelet, H&M tights, Dr. Martens

la-county-fair-1la county fair 2la-county-fair-4la-county-fair-3la county fair 5la county fair 6

Headed to the LA County Fair last night, where we ate like shit, acted like children, and all that fun fair stuff. Decided I do not like ferris wheels (realized this mid-air), but I do love county fair people watching... Oh, and apparently taking pictures that make the fair look deserted.

What's your favorite carnival food and ride?

Mine is funnel cake or chocolate covered banana and the haunted house (or the tunnel-o-love, which may or may not only exist in movies).

July 8, 200915 Comments

What I Wore: Op Campaign Launch Party @ Mel’s

Hit up the Op launch party last night with Jackie! I was mildly concerned I'd be overdressed in because (a) it's Op, a lifestyle brand, (b) it was at Mel's diner - pretty much a trendy Denny's - and (c) it's LA - all signs point to casual. But this dress has been sitting in my closet for a while, and I felt like wearing it, so I did

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