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What Would Jazzi Do: Miu Miu & Vogue Gioiello

I'm really trying to break my bad habit of micro-blogging more than main blog-blogging! I posted this last night to my tumblr, but I'm re-posting it here:

Wouldn't a re-imagining of this Vogue Gioiello (Vogue Accessories Italia) cover be so awesome with Miu Miu's Spring/Summer 2010 collars!? Birdy, puppy, kitty, and lady-print collars! Someone get me on this job pronto.

Vogue Gioiello Gennaio January 2010 cover

miu miu spring 2010 collars

Charvet Paris collars in Vogue Gioiello Gennaio/January 2010 cover by Inzaghi Dell'Oro; Miu Miu Spring 2010 collars via

I, like many, am completely beside myself about this Miu Miu collection. I find myself constantly day-dreaming calculating how many pennies I would need to scrape up to buy just one dress or perhaps a pair of chunk kitty-print pumps... I'm planning a visit to Miu Miu this week just to see everything up close. I will be bringing along a voice of reason and likely leaving my credit card at home.

January 19, 20109 Comments

Inspiration: Prada Fantasy Lookbook

prada fantasy lookbook 2

prada fantasy lookbook 1

Prada Fantasy Lookbook Spring/Summer 2010 (via fashioncopious)

I don't know the full story behind these Prada S/S 2010 images yet (i.e. who shot them/art directed), all I know is they rock.  I may have to reinterpret the top image for myself somehow.  SO Alice.  Definitely my dream portrait.

December 28, 20097 Comments

Inspiration: Mercedes Helnwein in Lula magazine

lula mercedes helnwein1

Mercedes Helnwein for Lula, by Glynis Selina Arban, styled by Aya T. Kanai

So I thought about it and decided that while this entire shoot from Lula is stunning (as is their entire catalogue), this particular image is one of the most beautiful & striking images I saw all year.  The colors are just perfect, the mood is right, and it was absolutely no surprise when I found out it was styled by my friend & brilliant stylist Aya T. Kanai.  After falling for Mercedes Helnwein in her in all her redheaded glory, I decided to check out more of her artwork and - no shock here either - it was awesome.  Her pencil drawings are like stills from a fashion-bent arthouse film that will make you swoon because... well, what's not to like about a gorgeous redhead (I think I'm redhead fetish-status) with hot style and the talent to draw even more gorgeous girls with hot style?  Exaaactly.

lula mercedes helnwein2

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December 24, 20097 Comments

Inspiration: Hint Magazine’s Mind Trip

hint mag mind trip

Hint magazine - Mind Trip via urbn

Hint magazine's interactive editorials are one of very few things I've found that, with a little tweaking, could potential outdo the buzz I get from a glossy.  When I looked at this trippy editorial I was completely mesmerized by the use of fashion, art, design, and the web.  Only wish there was a click-to-buy & full screen option, since I could totally get used to this.

December 3, 20098 Comments

Tokion Covers: Chloe Sevigny / Aurel Schmidt

tokion aurel schmidttokion chloe sevignytokion chloetokion chloe2

The last two Tokion covers have been two of my favorite girls who just so happen to look like they could have come from the same womb. Too good not to post. Can't wait to check out the rest of the Aurel issue, and I've already checked out the Chloe issue (a tad underwhelming, but great interview with Chloe). As self-proclaimed #1 fangirl, I would like nominate Chloe and Aurel to SHUT IT DOWN with some kind of collaboration... Someone please make it happen. Please?

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