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Work: Assisting Imogene Barron for Oyster #90


Oyster Issue #90, Let's Get Hitched: photographed by Ben Sullivan, styled by Imogene Barron, hair and make-up by Sandy Ganzer, fashion assistant Jazzi McGilbert, model Charlotte @ Photogenics

Working with Imogene, Ben and Sandy was truly a gig to remember. Immy and I worked side-by-side for a couple of weeks locked in motel rooms, cars and motor homes between pit-stops at vintage stores and Swingers. Immy and Ben were here from Australia on a Great American Adventure, shooting for Oyster (where Imogene is Fashion Director) and a campaign (and roadtrip) for Levi's and I was along for the ride. I loved every minute of it except maybe the time I came running to her because I found a bug in my bed and all the Aussies laughed at me but damn it, I'm phobic!

Imogene is a brilliant stylist and I had so much fun while learning so much from her. That's something I haven't been able to say in a while, truthfully. She's a master with accessories and favors indie designers which makes her a girl after my own heart. There's also an element of street culture in her work that is so authentic and not forced and she breathes attitude into everything she touches. Immy is the type of honest-to-goodness "cool" that so many try (but fail) to emulate - it was intimidating at first, but that faded quickly after a few goofball moments and blasting old school hip hop on K-DAY. Can't speak highly enough about this woman. I hope she gets back to Cali stat!

As for this shoot for Oyster, I just love how it turned out. Amazing what a small, but mightily talented crew can churn out. A welcome reminder that a huge budget and craft services are a luxury but by no means a necessity. I can't remember all of the credits (you'll have to pick up the mag for those) but I know the Rorschach skirt is by Dion Lee, gold bar belt by Gucci and the first black patent look by Olima.

Oyster is simply killing it with their editorials (and the articles are quite good too!) and I highly recommend you all pick up the issue. The cover of Meghan Collison alone should sell you.

And you know I couldn't resist slipping on those sky-high boots and I'm proud to report I didn't topple over in them. The shoes plus an outtake below the cut!

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Love: Wunderkind Spring/Summer 2011


selects from Wunderkind Spring/Summer 2011, Paris via

I find it hilarious that talking about Spring/Summer 2011 (2011!) is somehow already "passé," but indulge me while I hearken back to what I consider to be a largely overlooked collection.

Now I don't know if Wolfgang Joop's collection just got lost in the shuffle, if I just missed the coverage, or if the Wunderkind brand is simply glossed over on the whole, has some bad reputation I'm not privvy to or if the term "wunderkind" is still exclusively reserved for Alex Wang and Tavi... Maybe most just didn't have much to say - nice or otherwise. Whatever the case, me likely. Me really, really likey.

The collection may not have been a hit start to finish but barely anything gets those marks. And while yes, the model in the first photo above does look pregnant, I quite like the exaggeration and still find a number of the pieces very wearable, yes wearable (for a certain market) on their own. The blazers, the shoes, the floral tops and bottoms would kill with the requisite tee or jeans. I love how the color palette and babydoll silhouettes hint at something darker or more complicated than pure whimsy; as WWD put it, "Pippi Longstocking, as seen by Tim Burton." The styling is also fresh (3rd photo = killer way to wear a petticoat) as are the shoes, the hair and bold prints I could actually see myself wearing. I'll also mention the whole fruit motif thing now since it cropped up thrice this season, but I really think that's more of a coincidence than a trend and IMO Joop did it best. Just look at the floral/fruit print in the 1st pic! The schnozberries taste like schnozberries! Still love ya though, Miuccia.

Peep the whole collection here and tell me if you, too find yourself lusting a pair of rainbow colored, floral petal-pushers... I hope to at least see this collection get some editorial love.

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The More You Know: Notecards & Handwriting


an old note sent to me from Teen Vogue's Eva Chen

Since I was a kid, I've been fascinated by handwriting and the art of letter writing. I'm that girl who scribbles her name on everything. In fact, sometime after I write this, I think I'll finally go get my handwriting analyzed. As my mother tells it, I taught myself to write by copying her signature (from her checkbook no less) at a very early age, which resulted in a lifetime of perfecting my own signature that I can't wait to use on something other than checks & receipts...

I know I'm not the only one who keeps everything written to me stored for years after that best friend/summer fling/birthday/note passed in class and all those inside jokes have lost their relevance. Because years later we're still clinging to some fleeting sense of nostalgia.

The fashion industry seems to have a particular affinity for handwritten notes. I will always remember a certain editor-boss of mine whose office filled up daily with enough flowers and notes (mostly from PR firms) to rival a funeral home. It must be some combination of ass-kissing and a need for unique communication. Anyway, at some point I noticed a particular stationery convention that seemed like such a common practice that I should have known it, but didn't: many of these notes had their author's personalized headers crossed out. I came up with all kinds of reasons I was seeing this everywhere... Perhaps all these editors were simultaneously getting married and awaiting new hyphenated-last-name cardstock (coincidentally, a lot of them actually were engaged)? Maybe it was everyone's way of testing the ink in their pen? Did Anna do it once and has everyone been blindly striking through their name since? Whatever the case, I was definitely over-thinking it, but I needed a solid answer.

While I feared sounding uber-déclassé, I did ask an assistant editor once. She had no idea why, but said everyone did it. I had the urge to pull an "if everyone jumped off the top off a building would you do it to?" but alas, I was a lowly intern and I have a feeling the answer would have been a resounding "yes" anyway.

I searched Google to no avail until I found myself on Crane & Co.'s blog where some commenters came to the rescue. Anticlimactic as it is, turns out the name strike-through is just a nod of sincerity. Crossing out the last name in your letterhead is a way to convey intimacy and de-formalize the note. Basically saying "come on dude, you can just call me [first name]."

The more you know...

And since you've made it all the way to the end of this tale (I am so sorry), I reward you with more fashion-peep handwriting! And if you want even more check out the Details link below for a slideshow or Soma's Last Word features.

below: notecards from Tom Ford & Stephano Pilati to Details for their 10th anniversary; a note to AnOther from Miuccia Prada; and of course my own handwriting

tom ford details noteysl pilati handwritingmiuccia prada note


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Trendspotting: Boxers?


AA shirt, Habitual jeans, Sean's boxers, Ray-Bans, Balenciaga wedges, Sweetmint gum courtesy of Orbit

I've had my eye on one particular not-yet-a-trend for months now. It hasn't sprung up but I really think it will. If you put on your Trend Forecaster hat for a second, you'll note that underwear as outwear has come "in" and then there's the whole 90s thing (which I swear never really left). Aaliyah was obviously an early adopter but I think this time around boxers will be more femme and prepped up. Or totally grunged up, who knows. I don't see it being a super mainstream trend or even making it into an F21... it will probably be more like that dying foxtail thing... Wow, I swear I don't spend this much of my time thinking of fashion as science!

Anyway, I saw this photo on Nikki's blog and I am currently completely obsessed - I think it's a great look. I realized I had most of the fixins to try it out, so here is attempt #1 with some old jeans that have sat unworn for years because I'm not a fan of pocket designs... Obviously I need to steal the bf's jeans too or finally find that elusive pair of perfectly destroyed vintage Levi's.

And even if my trend prediction is totally off-base, I fully plan to play with boxers a hell of a lot more soon.

aaliyah boxersfashion boxers

Aaliyah in Tommy Hilfiger boxers, 1996. RIP Baby Girl; Boxers photographed by Dom Smith via DirtyFlaws

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Inspiration: Styling by Panos Yiapanis for AnOther SS10


Eniko Mahalik by Willy Vanderperre, styled by Panos Yiapanis for AnOther magazine Spring/Summer 2010 via tFS

May be a teensy bit "old" in Internet-years, but I'm still not over the genius that Panos Yiapanis lent to this spread (and video) for AnOther mag. Too many editorial stylists feature looks that are more or less straight off the runway. While one could potentially blame advertising contracts, general trepidation or just the Anna Dello Russo ethos, I personally find it completely uninspired and even more so - lazy. And as a consumer, it doesn't give me any new incentive to buy the clothes. I'm a firm believer that if there's a will, there is a way to be innovative with even the most commercial of jobs (which AnOther is not, but you get the point). Luckily, AnOther is always food for the vision-starved and this spread especially highlights Panos' artistry. This signature stylist/magazine combo is definitely one of my favorites.

I would also like to point out & applaud the AMAZING credits that AnOther includes with their shoots. It is so rare to see a publication crediting everyone for their work. Sometimes great ideas on-set originate from someone other than the leads and it can take a lot of people to pull off a great shoot - yet very rarely is everyone (Photo Assistants, Fashion/Stylist Assistants, Studio, Post, etc.) given due credit. I speak from experience.

Oh and of course, I've already begun twisting and cocooning up my shirts and cutting the cups out of my old bras... We'll see what becomes of that IRL...

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