December 28, 20097 Comments

Inspiration: Mercedes Helnwein in Lula magazine

lula mercedes helnwein1

Mercedes Helnwein for Lula, by Glynis Selina Arban, styled by Aya T. Kanai

So I thought about it and decided that while this entire shoot from Lula is stunning (as is their entire catalogue), this particular image is one of the most beautiful & striking images I saw all year.  The colors are just perfect, the mood is right, and it was absolutely no surprise when I found out it was styled by my friend & brilliant stylist Aya T. Kanai.  After falling for Mercedes Helnwein in her in all her redheaded glory, I decided to check out more of her artwork and - no shock here either - it was awesome.  Her pencil drawings are like stills from a fashion-bent arthouse film that will make you swoon because... well, what's not to like about a gorgeous redhead (I think I'm redhead fetish-status) with hot style and the talent to draw even more gorgeous girls with hot style?  Exaaactly.

lula mercedes helnwein2

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December 3, 20098 Comments

Tokion Covers: Chloe Sevigny / Aurel Schmidt

tokion aurel schmidttokion chloe sevignytokion chloetokion chloe2

The last two Tokion covers have been two of my favorite girls who just so happen to look like they could have come from the same womb. Too good not to post. Can't wait to check out the rest of the Aurel issue, and I've already checked out the Chloe issue (a tad underwhelming, but great interview with Chloe). As self-proclaimed #1 fangirl, I would like nominate Chloe and Aurel to SHUT IT DOWN with some kind of collaboration... Someone please make it happen. Please?

November 21, 20097 Comments

I will go and bake a honey cake and that’s all.

maira kalman green skirtI spent some time speaking with an incredible woman yesterday, interviewing her for a story (that I'll post asap). Upon noticing my tattoo (i have the word "contrariwise" on my arm/wrist) and subsequently my Alice in Wonderland obsession, she lent me The Principals of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman, a whimsical book of illustrations and musings about life. It is beautiful and reminded me of my buddy Kris Atomic's work in a way. I figure it's always befitting to share a little inspiration. My favorite line from the book (so far):


On a simplicity kick this week? Maybe.

September 3, 20095 Comments

Inspiration: Aurel Schmidt, Style & Art


She may well be entering "it girl" territory, but Aurel Schmidt isn't just talented-by-association. She is a genius artist first; the wacky downtown NY sense of style & ascent to indie darling are just icing on a delish cake. She has serious talent, the permanent kind, the kind worth framing - things that I'd actually pay money for. From her signature black frames and cow-licked hair, to her unabashed honesty, to the profanity and humor in her artwork - I love this girl.

Once I'm in a position to buy art, Aurel's pieces will be among the firsts I'm after. My Grandmother's definitely going to hate it, and my neighbors might not want to come over for dinner, but I like my art to talk, not just sit there and look pretty (though that has a time and place to). Aurel's amazingly detailed, beautifully executed pieces are grotesque (maybe), honest (definitely), and fantastic conversation starters.


Aurel in Interview


Tiny Vices / Burn Outs / Maneater

Interview Magazine: The New York Art Scene - Aurel Schmidt

January 08 Art Talks Video Interview with Aurel Schmidt (watch!)

Sophomore Fall 2009 Lookbook's Front Row Faces 2009

[more of her style & art under the cut]

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May 17, 20095 Comments

by Barnaby Ruhe

Sinead took me out to a portrait party & birthday drinks last night. The art crowd is always more entertaining than the fashion crowd, and this was no exception. I got to get my muse on and had a portrait painted by the very talented Barnaby Ruhe & met NYC's version of the Mad Hatter and March Hare (two completely off the wall guys, one of which waxed poetic on my heels for a good 10 minutes, while the other proceeded to stroke said heels with a miniature pair of marble hands he carries with him at all times). When I told the March Hare that I worked in fashion he got very serious suddenly and replied: "We all have our problems."

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