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December 15, 2010 - 30 comments


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On loan from NET-A-PORTER (sponsor): 3.1 Phillip Lim drawstring leather shorts (love), Pamela Love Triple X cuff (both looks) and Aurélie Bidermann gold-dipped lace cuff.

Paired with my own: Freeway Eyewear 405s, AA sleeveless shirt, beauty supply turban, Chloé docs, red Zara tulip dress.

Here's a twofer (okay, who knew that was in the dictionary? I definitely didn't until right now when it didn't come up red in spell-check) because Net-a-Porter (!) kindly sent over some very fun toys to play with (just for play, sadly not for keeps) and then I couldn't resist slipping on my holiday dress... especially since I teased a bit via twitter.

Now let's give a proper moment to the glorious Pamela Love and this Triple X cuff... A lot of my cuffs border on Shera/Warrior Princess territory but I'm obsessed with how delicate this one manages to read. If anyone is searching for an extra special gift for pretty much any lady, I'd recommend a Pamela Love piece. Or really, stick anything from Net-a-Porter under the tree and you'd make someone very, very jolly... Despite the luxury we've all come to know and love NAP for they have a beautiful stocking stuffer selection too. I'm a fan of all the little Smythson notebooks and of course the best part of online shopping: Sort > Price > Low to high...


As for myself, outside of holiday party dressing, I haven't gotten into the holiday spirit much and my wishlist is pretty bare this season. All I want is mental clarity and you definitely can't get that at the mall, so I'm totally cool just focusing on fam and friends. But since family & friends aren't great at taking "please, don't get me anything" as an answer... tell me what's on your holiday list this year so I can get inspired!?
PS - a snap of how I wore the dress to the William Rast Target party below the cut!

and thank you NAP!! Read more

September 30, 2010 - 21 comments

Sun in my eyes


Diaper denim shorts from Topshop, J. Crew tee, Chloe Docs, F21 + Noir + Ninaki rings, Luxirare cuff, Tom Ford glasses, gifted Illamasqua lipstick in Growl, gifted* Timex Originals watch

Is it incredibly lame to make yourself friendship bracelets? Nah. Well, maybe, but who cares. I don't believe for a second that all these girls with arms full of them have that many BFFs and I surely don't (but I couldn't ask for anything better than the ones I do have!). Anyway, my very best friend for life, my mommy, came over the other day to catch up over old photos I found in my Grandmother's attic and we ended up sitting and braiding these together - getting great mileage out of my $10 super-sized bag of rainbow embroidery floss. Wore this look out in Santa Monica with Sean, who is a huge fan of the drop-crotch diaper look (not).

While I'm waiting for Fashion Month to be over before I talk about my favorite collections, can we just have a brief BFF love-fest post? Ok, I'll start. One of my very best friends, Leah (who is no doubt reading this, so hi!) is away in Kenya for a year doing amazing work (it's so nice to use the word "amazing" in the not-so-hyperbolic sense for a change!) for the Kibera School for Girls and I could not be more proud of her. Luckily we've got Skype to make the distance a little less painful and the photos she sends me of the kids are priceless. But I have to make sure she remembers who her first little African baby was! I wish I could go visit her, but I'm super excited to see what textiles and trinkets she brings me back (hint hint, Leah!). Anything in particular I should have her keep an eye out for? Man, I'm selfish.

Your turn.

*You've probably noticed those Timex banners on my sidebar? The watch in this post was sponsored by them and I love it! Thank you Timex. FTC compliance here.

ETA: My hair in this post is brought to you by this poodle from a Japanese dog grooming magazine. You just never know where inspiration may strike...

May 31, 2010 - 19 comments

To keep or sell?


vintage bag from Melrose Trading Post, Bubblemint gum courtesy of Orbit, Balenciaga wedges

I bought this deliciously tacky vintage 70s wallpaper print bag at the flea market a few weeks ago, but I couldn't tell you exactly what possessed me to do so... I may end up on an episode of Hoarders from all the things I get just because I want them to have a home.

So the question is: to keep or sell? I can't decide whether it was love at first sight or if I need to get my eyes checked.

May 29, 2010 - 20 comments

Beauty: Banana Nails


Wintermint gum courtesy of Orbit, Banana Bo-banna nails courtesy Surf & City, Made Her Think talon ring

I have been after a bright yellow polish for a while and was really happy when Surf & City sent over this one. It's perfectly mustard colored and makes me happy as I type. Maybe my signature summer nail color?

April 3, 2010 - 20 comments

Gold Digger: Bijules Bone Bar Ring

jazzi mcg bijules bone bar ring 5jazzi mcg bijules bone bar ring 4

Bijules Bone Bar Ring & Sean's Ray-Ban shades

This is the latest steal in my love affair with Gilt. I'm trying to avoid the usual Gilt puns, so instead of saying I'm glad I don't feel too "Gilty" about the price of this ring let's just say I think this ring is beautiful, some of Jules' best work yet and I am thrilled I actually get to own it.

This is also my very first ring in gold - which I'm really liking on my skin tone, though gold calls for more wardrobe palette adjustment. I feel like silver vs. gold is more of a generational preference, but of course personal too. For example, my Grandmother wears all gold all the time, while Mom wears both gold and silver but never at the same time. I tend to go all silver with most accessories, but definitely mix metals on occasion. Which do you prefer?

Oh, if you care or noticed my tattoo says "contrariwise," an Alice/Carroll ref, and I was bored with my bangs and color so I got some new hair. You can't tell here but it's lighter. I haven't styled it yet but I've got some plans...