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On loan from NET-A-PORTER (sponsor): 3.1 Phillip Lim drawstring leather shorts (love), Pamela Love Triple X cuff (both looks) and Aurélie Bidermann gold-dipped lace cuff.

Paired with my own: Freeway Eyewear 405s, AA sleeveless shirt, beauty supply turban, Chloé docs, red Zara tulip dress.

Here's a twofer (okay, who knew that was in the dictionary? I definitely didn't until right now when it didn't come up red in spell-check) because Net-a-Porter (!) kindly sent over some very fun toys to play with (just for play, sadly not for keeps) and then I couldn't resist slipping on my holiday dress... especially since I teased a bit via twitter.

Now let's give a proper moment to the glorious Pamela Love and this Triple X cuff... A lot of my cuffs border on Shera/Warrior Princess territory but I'm obsessed with how delicate this one manages to read. If anyone is searching for an extra special gift for pretty much any lady, I'd recommend a Pamela Love piece. Or really, stick anything from Net-a-Porter under the tree and you'd make someone very, very jolly... Despite the luxury we've all come to know and love NAP for they have a beautiful stocking stuffer selection too. I'm a fan of all the little Smythson notebooks and of course the best part of online shopping: Sort > Price > Low to high...


As for myself, outside of holiday party dressing, I haven't gotten into the holiday spirit much and my wishlist is pretty bare this season. All I want is mental clarity and you definitely can't get that at the mall, so I'm totally cool just focusing on fam and friends. But since family & friends aren't great at taking "please, don't get me anything" as an answer... tell me what's on your holiday list this year so I can get inspired!?
PS - a snap of how I wore the dress to the William Rast Target party below the cut!

and thank you NAP!! Read more

September 30, 201021 Comments

Sun in my eyes


Diaper denim shorts from Topshop, J. Crew tee, Chloe Docs, F21 + Noir + Ninaki rings, Luxirare cuff, Tom Ford glasses, gifted Illamasqua lipstick in Growl, gifted* Timex Originals watch

Is it incredibly lame to make yourself friendship bracelets? Nah. Well, maybe, but who cares. I don't believe for a second that all these girls with arms full of them have that many BFFs and I surely don't (but I couldn't ask for anything better than the ones I do have!). Anyway, my very best friend for life, my mommy, came over the other day to catch up over old photos I found in my Grandmother's attic and we ended up sitting and braiding these together - getting great mileage out of my $10 super-sized bag of rainbow embroidery floss. Wore this look out in Santa Monica with Sean, who is a huge fan of the drop-crotch diaper look (not).

While I'm waiting for Fashion Month to be over before I talk about my favorite collections, can we just have a brief BFF love-fest post? Ok, I'll start. One of my very best friends, Leah (who is no doubt reading this, so hi!) is away in Kenya for a year doing amazing work (it's so nice to use the word "amazing" in the not-so-hyperbolic sense for a change!) for the Kibera School for Girls and I could not be more proud of her. Luckily we've got Skype to make the distance a little less painful and the photos she sends me of the kids are priceless. But I have to make sure she remembers who her first little African baby was! I wish I could go visit her, but I'm super excited to see what textiles and trinkets she brings me back (hint hint, Leah!). Anything in particular I should have her keep an eye out for? Man, I'm selfish.

Your turn.

*You've probably noticed those Timex banners on my sidebar? The watch in this post was sponsored by them and I love it! Thank you Timex. FTC compliance here.

ETA: My hair in this post is brought to you by this poodle from a Japanese dog grooming magazine. You just never know where inspiration may strike...

May 31, 201019 Comments

To keep or sell?


vintage bag from Melrose Trading Post, Bubblemint gum courtesy of Orbit, Balenciaga wedges

I bought this deliciously tacky vintage 70s wallpaper print bag at the flea market a few weeks ago, but I couldn't tell you exactly what possessed me to do so... I may end up on an episode of Hoarders from all the things I get just because I want them to have a home.

So the question is: to keep or sell? I can't decide whether it was love at first sight or if I need to get my eyes checked.

May 29, 201020 Comments

Beauty: Banana Nails


Wintermint gum courtesy of Orbit, Banana Bo-banna nails courtesy Surf & City, Made Her Think talon ring

I have been after a bright yellow polish for a while and was really happy when Surf & City sent over this one. It's perfectly mustard colored and makes me happy as I type. Maybe my signature summer nail color?

April 3, 201020 Comments

Gold Digger: Bijules Bone Bar Ring

jazzi mcg bijules bone bar ring 5jazzi mcg bijules bone bar ring 4

Bijules Bone Bar Ring & Sean's Ray-Ban shades

This is the latest steal in my love affair with Gilt. I'm trying to avoid the usual Gilt puns, so instead of saying I'm glad I don't feel too "Gilty" about the price of this ring let's just say I think this ring is beautiful, some of Jules' best work yet and I am thrilled I actually get to own it.

This is also my very first ring in gold - which I'm really liking on my skin tone, though gold calls for more wardrobe palette adjustment. I feel like silver vs. gold is more of a generational preference, but of course personal too. For example, my Grandmother wears all gold all the time, while Mom wears both gold and silver but never at the same time. I tend to go all silver with most accessories, but definitely mix metals on occasion. Which do you prefer?

Oh, if you care or noticed my tattoo says "contrariwise," an Alice/Carroll ref, and I was bored with my bangs and color so I got some new hair. You can't tell here but it's lighter. I haven't styled it yet but I've got some plans...

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