AA shirt, Habitual jeans, Sean's boxers, Ray-Bans, Balenciaga wedges, Sweetmint gum courtesy of Orbit

I've had my eye on one particular not-yet-a-trend for months now. It hasn't sprung up but I really think it will. If you put on your Trend Forecaster hat for a second, you'll note that underwear as outwear has come "in" and then there's the whole 90s thing (which I swear never really left). Aaliyah was obviously an early adopter but I think this time around boxers will be more femme and prepped up. Or totally grunged up, who knows. I don't see it being a super mainstream trend or even making it into an F21... it will probably be more like that dying foxtail thing... Wow, I swear I don't spend this much of my time thinking of fashion as science!

Anyway, I saw this photo on Nikki's blog and I am currently completely obsessed - I think it's a great look. I realized I had most of the fixins to try it out, so here is attempt #1 with some old jeans that have sat unworn for years because I'm not a fan of pocket designs... Obviously I need to steal the bf's jeans too or finally find that elusive pair of perfectly destroyed vintage Levi's.

And even if my trend prediction is totally off-base, I fully plan to play with boxers a hell of a lot more soon.

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Aaliyah in Tommy Hilfiger boxers, 1996. RIP Baby Girl; Boxers photographed by Dom Smith via DirtyFlaws