diana ross look mag cover 1969diana ross look magazine 1969

Diana Ross re-enacts Aquarius for LOOK magazine, 1969. Scanned & restored a bit by me.

Diana Ross. I’ve written about her here before, but that could never satiate the obsession. From karaoke nights at Shakey’s pizza singing “Stop In The Name Of Love” long before I knew what a broken heart was, to continually being stopped by old men in the street who point out the resemblance – Diana Ross has been a huge influence on my life & style. I connected with her story long before I realized we looked alike and strive to break the kinds of social, racial and fashion boundaries that Diana did.

Anyway… these scans. I haven’t been finding as much of my usual inspiration in current glossies, but found myself ordering some vintage mags on ebay. These are from 1969 issues of the long defunct LOOK magazine. It’s not really a fashion mag, but as you can see there are some beautiful visuals (and the stories are great, too). I’d never seen these images of Diana Ross, so I’m living for them right now.

There were also great shots of Mia Farrow (or Tavi, you be the judge), hilarious vintage cigarette ads and a story about (gasp!) co-ed dorms. See below.

mia farrow look magazine covermia farrow aka tavi

Elijah Wood called it too, but seeing this confirms: Tavi most definitely has a Mia Farrow thing going on!

co-ed dormssalem ad

Co-ed dorm story image and a 1969 Salem cigarette ad

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  • tanya / May 25, 2010

    aw love those pictures of mia and diana. so inspiring! i have a few issues of look too – i cherish them so much! maybe i’ll scan some too… missYOU + happy birthday!

  • flower mash / May 25, 2010

    These are incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    So I’m going to go watch rosemary’s baby and find some body paint online.

  • kim / May 25, 2010

    1969 Diana Ross is rocking my world

  • Get + Togetha / May 26, 2010

    Thanks for sharing! These are full on awesome!

  • Kiersten / May 26, 2010

    I love the simplicity of these photos.

  • Tara Melissa / May 26, 2010

    I love-love-love Diana Ross. Upside Down is, and always will be, my jam. That and the theme of Mahogany.

    I do plan on reblogging this later, and will credit! :)

  • Annie / May 26, 2010

    ahhh this magazine looks greattt!

  • Colleen / May 26, 2010

    co-ed dorms ARE a big orgy. that’s how i met my boyfriend. duh!

    great finds

  • Ria / May 26, 2010

    Wow Tavi totally has a Mia thing going. This picture is total confirmation. Diana looks amazing! I totally wanna whip out some body paint and play now.

  • Haydee Sentianin / May 27, 2010

    Love those photos of Diana! She is captured so beautifully and in such a fun light. Mia looks super cute too. You’re right, Tavi does resemble her!

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  • Vesna / November 10, 2015

    You sure DO have one of the cutest kids ever, Angelle. I don’t think I’ve ever cmemonted on here but I figured I might as well come out of the shadows. My sister and I met you years ago at a couple of CFC conferences in Gulfport, and we know the Burnetts, too (in fact, I think you were sitting in front of us at Mr. Steve’s funeral). On a different note, your photography is gorgeous and I’ve really enjoyed seeing your work over the last few months! Thanks for taking the time to post such beautiful pictures!