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A younger Anna Wintour, DvF, & Carine at age 18


  • modelizer / March 15, 2009

    Anna Wintour was the original hipster jump off? Hahaha. So crazy seeing her look like…well, not herself.

    DVF hasn’t aged, I’m convinced.

  • Peter N / March 15, 2009

    holy shit, DVF was (and still is) foxy.

  • Amber / March 15, 2009

    Love this, what a great idea. Do you know what they were all doing at that age too?

  • a lady / March 15, 2009

    wow. so was anne hathaway styled to look like young anna in tdwp? and am I super late to the party with that recognition?

    beautiful site, by the way!

  • Jazzi / March 15, 2009

    a lady – i totally never noticed that! but i think you may be right!

  • Nubby / March 16, 2009


    I love your new blog! Such an awesome design!!! I miss you and our amazing Hollywood and Disneyland adventures. So glad you’re back up and running, I’ve sorely missed your articles!


  • Noel / March 17, 2009

    Jazzi, I love this! Amazing, amazing. Especially because I’m 18 right now…

  • WendyB / March 23, 2009

    Carine’s picture makes me feel so much better about the lifelong circles under my eyes! I’m going to try to think of them as sexy now.

  • Amy Kim / January 24, 2010

    I love anna & carine
    will become anna & carine

    thanks pics :)

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  • JFL / June 4, 2013

    Stumbled here looking for DVF pics. They are all so classically beautiful! They just don’t make celebs like they used to.
    I agree with the other commenter… love the design of your site.