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Rodarte for Target Leopard Lace Bow Dress, Tulle Bow Dress, YSL Imperiale pumps, Mom's necklace

As a big Rodarte AND Target fan, I was prepared to do some serious Target-hopping this morning to get my hands on at least 1 of these two dresses.

Lucky for me, I found the entire collection in a nice range of sizes on my first stop (at one of the less picked-over locations in West LA... big hint: Culver City).  I knew these two were a must for me.  The leopard dress makes me feel all Pebbles Flintstone and I love the bow on the back.  And I haven't had the static issues others seem to be having with the tulle dress, however I am debating cutting it up and making it into a mesh crop top... we'll see how that one turns out.

As for the rest - my expectations are low for any mass produced diffusion line so, for the price, I don't bother complaining much about fabrics or fit.  I'm generally happy to find even one awesome piece - so I'm really happy with these 2 dresses and the sequin skull dress (which I also grabbed).  But I do plan on taking these over to my tailor for a hemline chop (tucked under above).


Opening Ceremony jacket, Target hat, Forever 21 jeans, Jeffery Campbell boots

Anyone else snag anything good??  What was the stock like at your local Target? Reactions to the collection in person?

Oh, and I was definitely one of those assholes this time... I impulsively bought one or two of all the key pieces, since I've regretted not doing so in the past and watching the prices skyrocket on eBay.  After seeing shit sell out after day 1, I couldn't help myself.

to be continued...