Nike Look of Sport LA 1

Nike Look of Sport LA 2

Nike Look of Sport LA 5

Natalia, Avriel & Brett for Nike Sportswear’s Look of Sport: Los Angeles by Olivia Crawford, styling by Jazzi McGilbert

These are just a few photos from a shoot I styled for Nike Sportswear’s Spring/Summer collection. This was a marathon of a shoot (like my sports lingo?) and I feel like a champ just being a part of it. We shot 15 subjects in just a few days all over Los Angeles and in their homes. It was really interesting to peek into so many different people’s lives and stories. I’m particularly excited to about Olivia Crawford, our incredibly sweet and talented barely-legal-age photographer. She shoots exclusively with film and I love the candid intimacy she captured. Her eye and passion for photography is really something – living proof that age ain’t nothing but a number. Nike discovered her work on Flickr and I give them major props for seeking out new talent and giving them (and me!) a shot! More of that from everyone please!

I think I should also credit this shoot for pushing me to get a bike (seeing all these active people made me resent my oft sedentary lifestyle) and Olivia for inspiring me to pick up an old film camera which I’ve been having a blast with. More on that later.

More photos will be rolling out on Nike Sportswear’s FB page every day this week, so keep an eye out. I even did some casting, and Sean – who takes most of my outfit photos – will be in a set! I’ll be posting again with some behind-the-scenes shots and more about the shoot.

  • Kaye Beeh / April 7, 2011

    Cool! you did a great job. Photography is really great. The park is realy a great place. When you move around, you feel the energy to do more.

  • v / April 7, 2011

    whoa i really like the pants that girl is wearing in the second pic stretching! talk about tripppy!!! congrats on styling this. I think it’s really cool to do different stuff esp with brands that are traditionally very un-fashiony
    p.s. yeah dude totally get a road bike! they zip zip zip so fast and they are light and very mobile. a littl sad i’ll be leaving my baby here while i travel in asia…..ah!

  • fashionablecollections / April 7, 2011

    These photos look great. The colors in them are beautiful! Great job!!

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  • ruth saint fleur / April 7, 2011

    these photos really capture the moment…niiiiiice :)

  • Bird / April 10, 2011

    So this is my first time checking out your site and im S U P E R excited that youre thinking about getting a bike. Its a whole new culture and world that is T O N S of fun. finding the perfect bike for you is the best part and youll know as soon as you find it. Good luck! :)

  • Sara Romero / April 10, 2011

    Hi! congrats on being on set for this shoot, thats really cool. I just discovered your blog and im so happy i did. i really liked your tutorial on the wang suspender knee highs. so easy and so cute. im gonna have to try that now, thanks to you. i wanted to ask you, how did you go about getting your internship with vogue? thats a really great opportunity. maybe you have some experienced advice you can share :)

    hope to hear from you.


  • Midge / April 13, 2011

    Very cool! I’m always impressed when someone shoots with film for a project like this.

  • aimee / April 14, 2011

    glad i stumbled upon your work. what an amazing shoot. love the styling fo sure… great job!! there’s such a beauty and rawness to film… makes me want to pick up my little 35mm again. i interned at nike hq in beaverton for design a while back… brings back some memories. i love’d the creative energy there!

    take care, aimee