diana ross look mag cover 1969diana ross look magazine 1969

Diana Ross re-enacts Aquarius for LOOK magazine, 1969. Scanned & restored a bit by me.

Diana Ross. I’ve written about her here before, but that could never satiate the obsession. From karaoke nights at Shakey’s pizza singing “Stop In The Name Of Love” long before I knew what a broken heart was, to continually being stopped by old men in the street who point out the resemblance – Diana Ross has been a huge influence on my life & style. I connected with her story long before I realized we looked alike and strive to break the kinds of social, racial and fashion boundaries that Diana did.

Anyway… these scans. I haven’t been finding as much of my usual inspiration in current glossies, but found myself ordering some vintage mags on ebay. These are from 1969 issues of the long defunct LOOK magazine. It’s not really a fashion mag, but as you can see there are some beautiful visuals (and the stories are great, too). I’d never seen these images of Diana Ross, so I’m living for them right now.

There were also great shots of Mia Farrow (or Tavi, you be the judge), hilarious vintage cigarette ads and a story about (gasp!) co-ed dorms. See below.

mia farrow look magazine covermia farrow aka tavi

Elijah Wood called it too, but seeing this confirms: Tavi most definitely has a Mia Farrow thing going on!

co-ed dormssalem ad

Co-ed dorm story image and a 1969 Salem cigarette ad

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American Apparel shirt and socks, Miu Miu collar, Zac Posen x Target skirt, Sonia Rykiel x H&M hat, Jessica Simpson platforms, Orbit Cinnamint gum [photo by Julia]

Wanted a little good clean fun for my birthday and went bowling with a few friends. Love it when they turn on the blacklight, fog machine and oldies for “Xtreme” bowling. So sexy, so middle school.

The Miu Miu collar was a birthday gift from Sean – pretty sweet. A little SS10 keepsake I probably wouldn’t have bought myself. The rest of the outfit is just begging for pedophiles and I’m pretty sure there were a few lurking the lanes. They must have been good luck though because I finally broke 100!

Happy Birthday to all you fellow Taurians!


orbit1orbit3orbit4 orbit5

Altered H&M striped maxi dress, DIY bracelet, random sock garters and OTK socks, Jessica Simpson platforms, rings: Pamela Love, F21, vintage, Made Her Think, Orbit Maui Melon Mint gum

Orbit reached out to a handful of bloggers – including myself – to help reveal their new line of product packaging. I accepted the partnership because I actually DO chew their gum (sugar-free spearmint, baby), I love their ad campaigns (seriously, this is one of my favorite commercials ever) and they gave me creative license to show off the new packaging however I want.

There are like 30 new packages in crazy colors and patterns that aim to go beyond traditional “branding” and venture into accessorizing. Pretty cool. So I’ll be revealing my 5 favorite new packages in the coming weeks. Think of it as fun product placement that shouldn’t otherwise interrupt your (ir)regularly scheduled programming.

Onto the outfit –  I snagged this maxi dress at H&M the other day, but standing just 5 feet tall means every maxi dress is super long (and generally unflattering) on me. So I cut it up the front for a different effect. Now my goal is to get the “train” as scuffed up and worn in as possible, which shouldn’t take long. The sock garters have been sitting in my closet for a while and I decided to pull them out as a gum-holster (gum holster, get it!?). More on my DIY bracelet soon, and the hat is Sean’s. He never wears it, so I decided to.

The photos are at F&S fabrics where I was picking up some odds & ends and my nails (trying out rounded nails) are by the amazing and hilarious David at CT Nails #9! Resident L.A. airbrush nail king.


the row sample sale 2010refinery 29 east west tag sale

From experience I can say a R29 sale is not to be missed. Amazing clothes for a steal. A good portion of my favorites have come from their NY Save Fashion sales. Welcome to L.A. Refinery 29!

more sale details here

alexander wang spring sheer pantsalexander wang diy

Alexander Wang Spring 2010 look via tFS, Shirley of Hollywood sheer pajama pants, Lace Sleep Shorts, varsity letter patch, Asos baseball jacket

I really love these sheer Wang pants but despite some fantastic detailing, I can’t bring myself to shell out $500 for something easily found in a Fredrick’s catalogue or my Grandmother’s pajama drawer. The whole varsity/athletic runway look isn’t totally “me” right now but I do think the pants are perfect – and surprisingly versatile. Really. I just bought this rando Shirley of Hollywood “Sexy” (ha) sheer PJ set and I’m really pumped about it.

Planning a quick nip/tuck at the ankles, add black shorts, a side-braid for good measure and ta-da! Watch out now. Will post photos when they get here but couldn’t resist sharing now.

(Tip: search for sheer/chiffon/silk lounge pants on eBay – I’ve seen a few good options recently)