lady gaga

It's just too good not to post. Gaga definitely brings out the haters (pretty sure I lost some twitter followers over her today LOL) but looking solely at this video - no, scratch that ANY of her videos but especially this one - please tell me how you're still hating!? I started out completely skeptical of everything Gaga, but she has more than won me over with time, and visually (and I like the music too, but see how one would hate it) just hits it out of the park. Unlike some others, her creativity is genuine, not just the product of... being a product?

This a perfect pop video in my book (minus the weird bug eyes, not really into that) and I would totally work for the Haus of Gaga any day haha. I would actually like to DIY the red number at the end and do the Charleston in it all day.

I rarely get this fangirl-y but I LOVE this video. Get it Gaga... killing the Pop game. Also, check out Elizabeth going Gaga too, because she does it better than us all!