My first two “real jobs” were as a Makeup Artist/Beauty Consultant at Pure Beauty in Brentwood, and Sephora in Union Square. I been doing makeup for years on friends and for my high schools plays and musicals. Makeup was probably my first love… even before fashion.

Anyway, I ran out of my foundation the other day (MAC Studio Fix Fluid). I use the words ‘ran out’ loosely, as there was still a ton left on the inside of the bottle. I was totally annoyed to have to spend more money when there was perfectly good product going to waste. So I got to thinking… and one of my old favorite makeup secrets came to mind. PAINTBRUSHES! and I happened to have quite a few lying around.

Why I love them:
The hairs/fibers are cut to perfection. They have to be for an artist to make precise strokes, lines, etc., and they same goes for applying makeup
2. They’re significantly cheaper than “professional” makeup brushes.
3. The handles are longer. More control.
4. It’s a literal translation of painting your face.
5. They come in a ton of shapes and sizes.
6. They are great for eye makeup and/or cleaning up little mistakes (dip the tip in a little makeup remover).
7. The handles are thin enough to reach down and get all that leftover makeup!

Yay for getting creative!

(edit: not my paintbrushes, image from flickr)

  • atelier / November 18, 2007

    I’ve never seen so many paintbrushes in my whole life!

  • Jazzi McG / November 18, 2007

    i guess i should add that these aren’t my paintbrush ;)