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I feel like I always do my DIYs in pairs... so here's another!

It seems some designers have hipped to the idea that one standout "DIY" look in a collection goes a long to spread a brand, and potentially spawn a trend, which ultimately equals sales. Alexander Wang (a fellow former Teen Vogue intern, holla!) has been so immensely successful due in part to his masterful branding of a look girls can attain whether they splurge on his impeccable details/quality or put it together from just old sweats, tees, and leather. The downtown tough-girl chic ultimately reads: Alexander Wang, so he still wins at the retail game.

Ok, that was kind of a tangent... but this really simple DIY is an easy way to get a Wang look without the Wang price tag. You probably have the makings of these sock brace/suspenders from his Spring 2010 collection lying around or can them pick up for under $10. I used:

American Apparel Unisex Knee High Socks

White Eyeliner

Fabric Glue

Elastic Band


(optional) Fabric Seam Sealant

Trace U-shaped outline using white eyeliner - make sure to do this with socks ON for stretch accuracy - then cut out. Glue/sew on elastic band. I plan to run these through my sewing maching and finish the edges at some point, but they were definitely wearable without and didn't fray even without seam sealant (but would over time).

alexander wang ss10 socks DIY 2

The rest of my kinda Wang-inspired look: Aldo hat, cut AA shirt, F21 skirt and belt, Jeffery Campbell potion boots

On another note, posting this at 4am and planning to watch some Mad Men after, then just maaaybe fall asleep. A friendly fist bump to all my insomniacs out there!