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August 29, 2011 - 18 comments

My Favorite Things: PROJECT Las Vegas

project-equipment-neon-blouseproject ksubi leopard shirtproject-shackuhachi-leather-dress

Fall 2011 Equipment Adrien dress blouse in Lime Punch (available here); Ksubi Spring 2012 leopard collar detail; Shackuhachi white leather mini dress

I recently had the pleasure of joining Marcus Troy in Las Vegas for the PROJECT tradeshow. This was exciting because 1) I'm an avid poker player, 2) Marcus is the man and 3) I got to hop from booth to booth of some of my favorite brands including the above.

These are just a few standout must-buy items I managed to snap before my camera crapped out. I'm thisclose to placing an order for the above Equipment blouse. It's really not often you find highlighter colors in silhouettes that are wearable outside of a club or lazer-tag party, which makes this dress/blouse perfect. Equipment has the perfect blouses in ever single color imaginable and one day I plan to collect them all. I wasn't allowed to snap a picture, but trust me you will die over some of their upcoming offerings (think: jewel encrusted collars on a washed silk blouse).

Some other highlights of the show included:

New colorways in House of Harlow's Chelsea cat eye shades, Bijules' everything (love that lady!), Bliss Lau's new rings and the BOtB (Belle of the Brawl) line from Hellz Bellz... and shout out to the Hearty mag girls who were there too and got some great coverage of the show!

In personal news, well, I'm single again for the first time in years and - now that I've come through that whole heartbreak stage - I'm really excited about it! As most ladies who've gone through a big-time breakup know: after the rain comes sunshine, rainbows, new clothes (lots), soon enough new hair (chop chop)... and of course some new adventures in dating. Oh boy(s)!

March 1, 2011 - 29 comments

What I Wore: Madewell & Vintage




Madewell trouser jeans & brogues, vintage top, center: inside the Century City store.

Hi! Long time no outfit post. Above is a look I tried on (and ultimately bought) at the Refinery29 hosted denim event last week with Madewell. Earlier in the day I was invited to mix and match some of their pieces with my own vintage for R29's site. It was a fun bout of dress up and I ended up purchasing a lot of what I tried on (including the jeans, a top and some shorts from the sale rack) at the party later that night.

In other news, I got glasses! All the hours logged at computer screens (I like maximum brightness) finally took a toll on my formally 20/20 vision. It's cool though, at least now I can say "yes" when people ask "are your glasses prescription?"... even though that prescription is pretty light and I find myself wearing them less for corrective reasons and more because I get a reverse Clark Kent/Superman complex when I put them on. Hipster super powers or something.

And I love Natalie (FashionIntel) for totally making this photo from the event:


January 3, 2011 - 33 comments

Full (Leather) Circle

Happy New Year! So excited for 2011 - I feel revitalized already, don't you? Watchoutnow!

Here's my first purchase of 2011, while I wait for the last of my 2010 online orders to arrive (holiday and international shipping wait times kill, man). I also featured it in today's Nylon newsletter.

hm leather skirt

H&M faux leather circle skirt - just under $50 and it has pockets, too!

May 31, 2010 - 19 comments

To keep or sell?


vintage bag from Melrose Trading Post, Bubblemint gum courtesy of Orbit, Balenciaga wedges

I bought this deliciously tacky vintage 70s wallpaper print bag at the flea market a few weeks ago, but I couldn't tell you exactly what possessed me to do so... I may end up on an episode of Hoarders from all the things I get just because I want them to have a home.

So the question is: to keep or sell? I can't decide whether it was love at first sight or if I need to get my eyes checked.