April 20, 201249 Comments

What I Wore: Spring/Summer Feeling

A/X Armani Exchange tank dress

This is what I wore for some desert festivities last weekend, then again yesterday when it was about 75 and covering up just felt like sacrilege. The tank dress is another look from A/X Armani Exchange (thanks A/X!) and it's perfectly barely-there in all the right places with a hint of shimmer that seemed impossibile to photograph, but totally does the glimmering-in-the-sunlight trick in reality. 

Having grown up in California, I've always been more into Spring/Summer dressing, when the clothes start coming off, than piling on layers. I didn't see real snow until I was nearing 18 years old, so I'm just more equipped for skin-baring. The current heat also has me dreaming about theme parks, snow-cones and most importantly, new ways to get my butt-long braids off my neck; so far it's between a massive top-knot or Chun-Li pigtail buns. And since she was the only character I ever played in Street Fighter anyway...


March 31, 201236 Comments

What I Wore: Wearing The Pants

Armani Exchange red trousers with Blood is the New Black "Terror" Boyfriend Tee, Monki denim shirt (a hand-me-down from Jayne), vintage belt and Theysken's Theory pumps / photos by Joshua Spencer

Natalie and I are hard at work styling a 20-person campaign this week which led us to talking about the "stylist uniform." Namely about how too much of our day can onsist of (often literal) running around and needing a "uniform" that can take us from air kisses  at a 'shcmancy showroom (secret: my black lipstick doubles as kiss-kiss repellant!) to schlepping returns to hands-and-knees digging through a warehouse. Looking like a Fashion Week street style snap, while fun (sometimes), just isn't always practical. But you knew that already.

As my day to day routine varies, I don't know that I'll ever have, nor truly want, a "uniform" per se, however I do love transitional pieces that can take me from "Stylist" to "Assistant" to "Writer" to "Creative Director" to "WTF am I doing with me life?" all in one day.

I won't wax poetic on the "Pop of color for Spring!", but since dark wash denim gets monotonous and I get "are you feeling ok?" looks when I opt for leggings-as-pants, these red trousers (sent to me by A/X and available here) have been my saving grace this week. Give or take a 6" wedge, they say "business" when I need them to and "casual" when I don't. And I think we've talked about this before, but red is still my power color, so they may or may not give me superpowers, too. Always a plus.

PS - Braids!

January 4, 201224 Comments

Style: Pepto Pink on Pink (on Pink)


photos by Julia Chesky

Happy New Year!

I'm currently screwing my head back on from a whirlwind friends & family-filled holiday. So I didn't get the neon 'Jazzi' sign I wanted for Christmas (poop), but I did get all my favorite foods, beer, friends, an overdose of love and support, 1-months rent, Savage Beauty, velvet hangers, and a new hairdo (!) from the incredible Janine at Hairroin Salon who I also credit for a few cute dudes who have come my way. Consider me content.

Santa also sent me 4 of my East-coast besties for a holiday visit including Julia, who took the photos above and a bunch more on the way. Thanks Julia and our beloved Paul Smith wall!

2012 is on and poppin' and I hope you're feeling it too. More pastels and dark lips in 2012 (or is that just me?)!

P.S. - If I have another yard sale will you come? We had a blast at the last one and want to do it again (on a sunnier day). We've got more stuff.

Top to Bottom: .99 cent store black beanie, Versace January Jones 2120 sunglasses, pink H&M knit sweater until I upgrade to this one, J. Crew pink sateen Cafe Capri trousers (similar to these), Pour la Victoire Marseille bag, Theysken's Theory white patent wedges (1|2|3|4). Beauty note: NARS Le Train Bleu lips, China Glaze Neon Celtic Sun nails.

March 10, 201031 Comments

What I Wore: Botkier Howard Street Satchel


Bag: Howard Street Satchel courtesy of Botkier; Phi pumps; Topshop hat; H&M dress worn over an old men's shirt

As far as accessories go, for me, bags have typically been an afterthought, but necessity. I've simply never been much of a "bag girl," though I've always been quite the "bag lady". Get it? Typically, I carry a ton of stuff with me, usually in some throwaway shopping bag or tote (I carried a backpack - a real backpack, not a "fashion" backpack - with my life in it all throughout Fashion Week). Which I guess makes it a little ironic, or totally apropos, that I hosted Fashionista's "What's in Your Bag?" and that my first real job in NYC was at a (now closed) bag boutique on Stanton... though both of those gigs played a part my current appreciation and understanding of a good bag.

My taste in bags is rather utilitarian. I love a big, sturdy bag (or backpack) that can take a serious beating. So when my friend Tanya at Botkier sent me their Howard Street Satchel, I was in love. It is massive (though they do make a smaller version) and has the perfect amount of pockets - enough for easy access, but not so many that they get loaded with useless crap. It fits everything; my spare shoes, sweater, DSLR, and then some with room to spare. And I just know it's going to look better with age & wear.

I'm pretty confident this (and a couple canvas totes) will cover my bag needs for a while  - though I will continue to lust after a Proenza, Chanel, & Wang as well. Thank you Tanya and Botkier! [Oh, and did you know it's pronounced an Americanized "Bot-key-err" not the French way? I definitely didn't!]

What's your dream/ideal bag? Anyone have tips for downsizing all the crap I carry (besides downsizing my bag haha)? It's giving me back probs.

and check out my Q&A on Botkier's blog here

botkier-howard-stBotkier Howard St. Satchel; Yaya Aflalo skirt; Sam Edelman booties

Disclosure: Botkier gave me this bag with  no obligation to post about it nor any compensation for choosing to do so. I simply love it and wear it, so I had no problem sharing it here.