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May 29, 2010 - 20 comments

Beauty: Banana Nails


Wintermint gum courtesy of Orbit, Banana Bo-banna nails courtesy Surf & City, Made Her Think talon ring

I have been after a bright yellow polish for a while and was really happy when Surf & City sent over this one. It's perfectly mustard colored and makes me happy as I type. Maybe my signature summer nail color?

August 9, 2009 - 18 comments

“stop making that face or it’ll stick that way”

photo-85new bangs courtesy of London at Siren Salon (the only person in LA allowed to snip my hair, but it still feels like cheating on Dana) & new ring courtesy Mom

I leave for NY on Tuesday! I still haven't packed (my goal is to pack ONE carry-on for my week-ish long stay...wish me luck) but I am so excited to see Peter, Julia, Gala, Nubby, Kate, Street Etiquette, Heavyroc boys, Teen Vogue, and anyone else who else wants to hang! This should be fun.

In other news, us freelancers are struggling right along with everyone else, so I've been job hunting, working on new projects, trying not to spend money I don't have, but truly enjoying the free time by the beach, brainstorms a-brewin', and creative problem solving that comes along with funemployment. Don't get me wrong, I'd love nothing more than to have a steady income, but it's all motivation for the hustle. To everyone who has e-mailed me in a similar boat - keep your head up!

"Never be afraid to sit a while and think" - Lorraine Hansberry

May 12, 2009 - 15 comments

with her fingernails matching


Wearing Essie's new Funky Limelight from the 2009 Neon collection, but I found a random drugstore knockoff by some brand called Color Club that is just as good at half the price.

Secret I learned from my nail lady that I will pass down to you: use white polish as a base and the color will seriously POP.

I always find myself partaking in nail polish color trends more than any others. It's an easy way to experiment with color without looking too trend-whore. My newly neon nails have easily glammed up my entire wardrobe, not to mention they could stop traffic.

April 2, 2009 - 10 comments

Beauty Reviews: KO Nailpolish, Makeup Forever HD Powder, Guerlain Terracotta Kohl, Lolita Lempicka

beauty1I try soooo many beauty products & I'm always recommending them to friends and family who are probably sick of all my "omg you have to try this!" rants. So I've decided to put them here instead!

I've mentioined this before, but my first jobs were actually as a makeup artist and one of my first internships was with Eva Chen in the Teen Vogue Beauty department. I spent years doing makeup for all my high school's theater productions, friends, & even worked at Sephora for a bit. Point being: Beauty, I like it.

1. K.O. Knockout Nailpolish in Matte Black Price: 22 bones / Verdict: Try it

This new nailpolish created by Hedwig & the Angry Inch makeup artist Mike Potter promises to goes on flat and dry to a chalkboard black finish in just one coat.

My experience with KO was interesting to say the least. I took it into a local nail salon & used over fake nails (I still bite my natural ones). The nail lady was utterly confused by my request to forgo the top coat, & also complained about the thickness of the polish. The nail lady really hated it - but I loved the final look and the flat color definitely stands apart from every other "it girl" manicure.

Pros: Unique matte black color, Only 1 coat needed, Dries within seconds

Cons: Very thick formula, Flat color only lasts a few days then wears to a normal shiny coat after that

2. Guerlain Terracotta Kajal Intense Indian Kohl Price: 35 bones / Verdict: Returned It

I bought this on a whim because of a feature in WWWD. But I did need a new liner. Guerlain promises an "intense black, smooth gliding, long wearing" liner, & instead I got a not-that-intense black that smudged very easily (a problem I don't have often). And for 1 oz. the price tag is far from worth it. I actually tried this side-by-side with my Maybelline Define-a-Line and the latter lasted longer, and went on darker/smoother... for $5.

Pros: Cute Packaging

Cons: Can't sharpen due to softness/shape, Price per oz., Does't last, Not dark enough

3. Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder Price: 30 bones / Verdict: Buy it

This is what I bought when I returned the aforementioned product. I had heard about it, but thought it would be something like a simiar BareMinerales product that I didn't like. I was so wrong. I'm always skeptical of translucent powders - I mean, how much can they really do? With this one did a lot. On both bare skin, and over my foundation. It basically elimated the appearance of pores, and had a true airbrush like effect. I even got compliments from each of my male friends telling I look really good the first day I wore it.

Pros: Awesome airbrush effect, Can be used alone or over foundation, Talc-free, Mattifying

Cons: The light powder is hard to pick up on your brush, but they do have a reccommended alternative Kabuki brush, Potentially messy - but wipes up easily

4. Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum Price: 44 bones / Verdict: Try it

I think I've written about this before, but it's worth another mention. I originally found it after smelling Paris Hilton at a party and trying to hunt down her fragrence. This is close, if not it. It's very sweet, but not immature, and doesn't give me a headache like many perfumes that smell like old ladies. It's a perfect blend of floral (Violet) & sweet (Vanilla). I mixed it with a little YSL Elle, and that was great too.

Pros: Boys love it, Girls love it, Long-lasting

Cons: None

Do you guys have any products I should try?

xo J

August 30, 2008 - 20 comments


Hair by Dana Gibbs
Dana's Loft - (212) 677 - 7701
96 Orchard St.
New York, NY

I can't say enough GREAT things about Dana, her assistant Nivea, and her awesome salon & equally awesome clients. And she doesn't just do "ethnic" hair - she kills it all around. And if you go, tell her who sent you! ;)

For the record, you guys have asked who does my hair before and I've never recommended anyone because I never felt like anyone was this worthy of a recommendation. I would NEVER steer you wrong. Go see Dana.

EDIT: Brilliance does not come cheap. I'm not sure what she charges normally - I got the whole kit-n-kaboodle. She was a splurge for me, but it was $ well spent: I got what I paid for. My strength is in my hair like Samson lol. Just means being on a tight budget for a few weeks. If you're interested, give her a call, tell her I sent you, and I'm sure she can work with you ;)