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Work: Lydia by Loulou Loves You


Lydia by Loulou Loves You: photography by Joshua Spencer, creative direction by Jazzi McGilbert, styling by Jazzi McGilbert & Natalie Toren, hair & makeup by Dina Gregg, modeled by Papa at NEXT, and special thanks to our on-set puppy, Fozz.

add'l wardrobe: BLK DNM leather jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs buckle boots (similar), Kelly Wearstler Cinnabar fur gillet

I did this mini-lookbook for one of my favorite people in the world, Loulou, while she was here in L.A. I very simply adore Loulou and her new 'Lydia' lingerie set. Seriously: a lingerie designing babe, holistic masseuse with a British accent, the kindest spirit and perfect pouty lips... Yeah, I'm still not entirely convinced she's real but she's the best dream girl ever. I will never be over having such talented friends.

Lydia will be available on www.louloulovesyou.com this Friday and you can shop the rest of the site at 30% off 'til then! I personally own and love the Lola peter pan collar and floral headbands.

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Work: Nike Sportswear’s Look of Sport

Nike Look of Sport LA 1

Nike Look of Sport LA 2

Nike Look of Sport LA 5

Natalia, Avriel & Brett for Nike Sportswear's Look of Sport: Los Angeles by Olivia Crawford, styling by Jazzi McGilbert

These are just a few photos from a shoot I styled for Nike Sportswear's Spring/Summer collection. This was a marathon of a shoot (like my sports lingo?) and I feel like a champ just being a part of it. We shot 15 subjects in just a few days all over Los Angeles and in their homes. It was really interesting to peek into so many different people's lives and stories. I'm particularly excited to about Olivia Crawford, our incredibly sweet and talented barely-legal-age photographer. She shoots exclusively with film and I love the candid intimacy she captured. Her eye and passion for photography is really something - living proof that age ain't nothing but a number. Nike discovered her work on Flickr and I give them major props for seeking out new talent and giving them (and me!) a shot! More of that from everyone please!

I think I should also credit this shoot for pushing me to get a bike (seeing all these active people made me resent my oft sedentary lifestyle) and Olivia for inspiring me to pick up an old film camera which I've been having a blast with. More on that later.

More photos will be rolling out on Nike Sportswear's FB page every day this week, so keep an eye out. I even did some casting, and Sean - who takes most of my outfit photos - will be in a set! I'll be posting again with some behind-the-scenes shots and more about the shoot.

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Work: Assisting Imogene Barron for Oyster #90


Oyster Issue #90, Let's Get Hitched: photographed by Ben Sullivan, styled by Imogene Barron, hair and make-up by Sandy Ganzer, fashion assistant Jazzi McGilbert, model Charlotte @ Photogenics

Working with Imogene, Ben and Sandy was truly a gig to remember. Immy and I worked side-by-side for a couple of weeks locked in motel rooms, cars and motor homes between pit-stops at vintage stores and Swingers. Immy and Ben were here from Australia on a Great American Adventure, shooting for Oyster (where Imogene is Fashion Director) and a campaign (and roadtrip) for Levi's and I was along for the ride. I loved every minute of it except maybe the time I came running to her because I found a bug in my bed and all the Aussies laughed at me but damn it, I'm phobic!

Imogene is a brilliant stylist and I had so much fun while learning so much from her. That's something I haven't been able to say in a while, truthfully. She's a master with accessories and favors indie designers which makes her a girl after my own heart. There's also an element of street culture in her work that is so authentic and not forced and she breathes attitude into everything she touches. Immy is the type of honest-to-goodness "cool" that so many try (but fail) to emulate - it was intimidating at first, but that faded quickly after a few goofball moments and blasting old school hip hop on K-DAY. Can't speak highly enough about this woman. I hope she gets back to Cali stat!

As for this shoot for Oyster, I just love how it turned out. Amazing what a small, but mightily talented crew can churn out. A welcome reminder that a huge budget and craft services are a luxury but by no means a necessity. I can't remember all of the credits (you'll have to pick up the mag for those) but I know the Rorschach skirt is by Dion Lee, gold bar belt by Gucci and the first black patent look by Olima.

Oyster is simply killing it with their editorials (and the articles are quite good too!) and I highly recommend you all pick up the issue. The cover of Meghan Collison alone should sell you.

And you know I couldn't resist slipping on those sky-high boots and I'm proud to report I didn't topple over in them. The shoes plus an outtake below the cut!

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Work: NYLON Daily L.A.

nylon-daily-jazzichurros-calientes2An exciting side-project I meant to announce a few weeks ago... I'm the L.A. Editor of Nylon Daily! I'm writing about my favorite spots in L.A, trying out new ones and putting the local haps (sales and events) on blast in the regional newsletter.

This is just one in a growing list of freelance projects and a fun one at that. I might re-post some of my favorites here from time to time, but you'll have to sign up to get a daily dose! And if you're not in LA - Nylon Daily has editions in NYC, Boston, Austin and Chi-town (with more cities to come). A few of the places I've written about so far below the cut and sign up at nylonmag.com/daily!


me at Churros Calientes in Los Angeles and the Warehouse vintage boutique in Echo Park

I would love to hear your thoughts and if you've got an event, sale, or some under-the-radar L.A. food, fun or fashion spots to share -  holla! More below...

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January 19, 2010 — Comments are off for this post.

Jules Kim & Bijules get me into a Church. Not that Church.

bijules at church

bijules at church west hollywood 2

Q: How many jewels does it take to get a writer out of bed into Church on a sopping Monday night in L.A.?

A: Two.  Jules Kim & Bijules.

My night with Lindsay Lohan, Paula Abdul, Paparazzi, & (way) more importantly, Bijules at Style Section LA. [comments are off, only because I'd prefer you read & comment on Style Section!]

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