in the Spare Room photobooth with my better half, Natalie. A night to remember with Thom Yorke and a RT from Erykah Badu.

Hello. These re-introductory posts give me anxiety. If I must explain my absence (says me), I was just taking a moment to live a life less posted and if I'm being honest (which I always try) I've been learning to want to live again. I'm a work in progress, but with the love and support I've been shown lately (thank you), I'm in a better place to get things done. With that said, I'm actually not that sad anymore: I'm having real fun again, the creative juices are flowing, blogging doesn't feel like a chore, life itself doesn't feel like a chore and I'm finally ready to talk about it! My psychologist would call this progress. She also equated my aversion to [things in my life, this blog included] to a fear of flying; it gets harder and harder the more you psych yourself out and avoid it, but easier with consistency. I think she's right.

I've never hidden that I live with clinical depression, but I did stop talking about it here at some point and I'm not sure if that helped anything. I do know that on a human level you can all relate, so you'll be seeing a far more candid me (which is not just consumed by emo rants) smushed alongside some pretty pictures and shoes and stuff, too. If I include the non-fashion stuff, you'll get way more context, content and fewer blog-lapses. This way, I'll be happier and maybe I can help you find your way through a tough time or two as well.

I love you.