January 10, 20124 Comments

Yard Sale: One mo ‘gain


Yard Sale part II: Saturday, January 14, 2012. 10am - 4pm. 616 Parkman Ave. @ Bellevue.

Hosted by myself (Jazzi McG), Jayne (stopitrightnow), Alicia (InnyVinny), Natalie (FashionIntel), & Nia (TenderHeaded)

We're at it again and you should definitely be there. So this Saturday, after your Intelligentsia and before whatever else you're doing, head over to our encore Silverlake Yard Sale. There were some serious scores last time and we all wanted to do it again with more beer and without the threat of precipitation.

December 16, 20113 Comments


Once upon a time some bloggers were going to have a yard sale. That weekend it rained in usually-sunny-LA and that yard sale was postponed. A year and 1 baby later (not mine, Alicia's) that yard sale was re-scheduled. You came, you hung out, you shopped, you saved some money while helping us clean our closets and we all lived happily ever after.


I have some pretty stylish friends with some pretty messy closets, come help us purge. Or at least come say hi. There will be some designer stuff, some not designer stuff, some vintage, a desk I bought that is too big for my studio, some shoes, a baby (not for sale) and general good vibes... and more. Outside of Jayne, Alicia, Natalie, Nia and myself, I have a few other (coughstylistcough) friends dropping off gear and we're also hosting a BROOK&LYN sample sale (not to be confused with Brooklyn, this yard sale is in L.A.)... Don't miss this one.



THIS Saturday (tomorrow) 12/17/11

8am - 2pm

Keystone Row

1154 Glendale Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90026

March 18, 201121 Comments

Kanon + Sophomore: Truth or Dare


Actually went out-out last night to celebrate Sophomore's new "Truth or Dare" lookbook short with my favorite Geri Hirsch! It's a must-see by Cass Bird starring Chloe Sevigny, Jen Brill, Lesley Arfin and Scott Campbell - also know as a whole friggin lotta crazy/sexy/cool in one room. Loved meeting Ms. & Ms. Sophomore, Chrissy Miller and Madeline von Froomer and hearing about their Madonna inspiration. It's always fun when the NYC kids come to L.A.

Lots more photos from the night and my own little (PG-13) game of Truth or Dare with the Gerbear all on Kanon's blog! Including our first AOL screen names, oy! Tell the truth, what was yours?

February 19, 201113 Comments

Vegas: Two Truths, One Lie


As I recover from the flu and an action-packed couple of weeks in NYC, then Las Vegas for the WWDMagic & Project tradeshows... I bring you Two Truths & One Lie:

1. I hit a small jackpot on a random slot. Not life-changing money, but it paid more than my last job did.

2. I found an original Philip Treacy hat on the casino floor. OMG.

3. This night started out with a waiter spilling a tray of drinks down my new Zara dress.

Guess the lie. This should be easy...

ETA: Answer in the comments!

October 10, 201020 Comments

(No Subject) Garage Sale

garagesale37garagesale6Picture 1

at the (No Subject) Garage Sale opening in DTLA - wearing YSL pumps and a Hellz Bellz dress

My good friends Jackie & Chelsea of (No Subject) are hosting a virtual garage sale with portalMRKT (the site behind that Vena Cava yard sale a while back - seriously great concept). I lovingly put a few of my things up for sale (some random knick-knacks, a great vintage lace dress, a new with tags Rodarte x Target dress, and a dress from Geren Ford) and so did other LA creatives including one of my fave gal's Geri of Because I'm Addicted, Topsy Design, Alisa Gould-Simon and lots more. Check it out (and snatch something up) before it's gone on the 14th!

And above is my look from the opening party a couple weekends ago. True story: I actually started out the night in a vintage red dress but as I was getting out of the car, I somehow spilled dark purple nail polish down the front of it... Not quite sure how, as my nails weren't painted and I hadn't opened the polish bottle... but anyway, lucky for me the Hellz Bellz girls were just down the way (where I was dropping off some DIY socks for the team!) and they laced me up in one of their super cute Spring dresses. Hellz FTW!

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