January 10, 20124 Comments

Yard Sale: One mo ‘gain


Yard Sale part II: Saturday, January 14, 2012. 10am - 4pm. 616 Parkman Ave. @ Bellevue.

Hosted by myself (Jazzi McG), Jayne (stopitrightnow), Alicia (InnyVinny), Natalie (FashionIntel), & Nia (TenderHeaded)

We're at it again and you should definitely be there. So this Saturday, after your Intelligentsia and before whatever else you're doing, head over to our encore Silverlake Yard Sale. There were some serious scores last time and we all wanted to do it again with more beer and without the threat of precipitation.

December 16, 20113 Comments


Once upon a time some bloggers were going to have a yard sale. That weekend it rained in usually-sunny-LA and that yard sale was postponed. A year and 1 baby later (not mine, Alicia's) that yard sale was re-scheduled. You came, you hung out, you shopped, you saved some money while helping us clean our closets and we all lived happily ever after.


I have some pretty stylish friends with some pretty messy closets, come help us purge. Or at least come say hi. There will be some designer stuff, some not designer stuff, some vintage, a desk I bought that is too big for my studio, some shoes, a baby (not for sale) and general good vibes... and more. Outside of Jayne, Alicia, Natalie, Nia and myself, I have a few other (coughstylistcough) friends dropping off gear and we're also hosting a BROOK&LYN sample sale (not to be confused with Brooklyn, this yard sale is in L.A.)... Don't miss this one.



THIS Saturday (tomorrow) 12/17/11

8am - 2pm

Keystone Row

1154 Glendale Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90026

March 18, 201121 Comments

Kanon + Sophomore: Truth or Dare


Actually went out-out last night to celebrate Sophomore's new "Truth or Dare" lookbook short with my favorite Geri Hirsch! It's a must-see by Cass Bird starring Chloe Sevigny, Jen Brill, Lesley Arfin and Scott Campbell - also know as a whole friggin lotta crazy/sexy/cool in one room. Loved meeting Ms. & Ms. Sophomore, Chrissy Miller and Madeline von Froomer and hearing about their Madonna inspiration. It's always fun when the NYC kids come to L.A.

Lots more photos from the night and my own little (PG-13) game of Truth or Dare with the Gerbear all on Kanon's blog! Including our first AOL screen names, oy! Tell the truth, what was yours?

November 17, 20104 Comments


Shit guys, Mother Nature canceled our Yard Sale!!! BUT, fear not we're rescheduling (tentatively for Dec 5th 12th) which will give me more time to collect more cute things I don't need...I will keep you guys posted!

I haven't even had time to slap myself on the wrist (hard) for being a "bad blogger" lately, but you can come and abuse me in person this weekend at a YARD SALE, you sadist! Or you know, just come say hi, buy some stuff or just sit with us and chill.

I love Jayne (even more, is that possible!?) for concocting this  yard sale and inviting me and some of my other faves to the the party. Especially, since I have a tendency to buy things that would "look soooo cute on someone!" even if that someone is not me. Which has left me with a lot of stuff I can't/don't wear but would look "soooo cute on someone!". And sometimes, it's just time to let go of those things and all the other things I've been hoarding...

proof1 copy

Sorry, guys!

follow me on twitter (@jazzimcg), where I might or might not post peeks of some things I'll be selling on Saturday! Any questions, contact me or any of these fine ladies...
I haven't pooled all my things together yet, but you can bet on some fashion mags, shoes, boyfriend's clothes, my clothes, vintage, etc., but do keep in mind it's a yard sale - as in stuff on a lawn, not a fancy-pants flea market, but no less fun (and definitely cheaper).

And on a non-lawn related note:

Sometimes IRL gets in the way of your blog.

But if you've been reading this blog for a while now, you know that unfortunately a slow-down in posting is quite common when work picks up for me. I've been away from the blog for a while, which actually means great things are in the making - promise. And I'm working which I thank my lucky stars for. If you're a freelancer, you feel me.

That said, I've challenged myself to update once-a-week no matter what, rain or shine. More if I can help it, because I love you and this is one of my favorite ways to decompress. Thanks for bearing with me. I don't know how you every-day bloggers do it - mad respect.

June 16, 20105 Comments

What a Girl Wants

Valet. asked me to take their Female Perspective survey and sound off on men's style and I had a lot of fun doing so! My guy friends ask (ok, practically beg) for shopping counsel way more than my female friends so take the survey and maybe this will help steer them in the right direction. I've been assisting on a lot of men's shoots lately, and it's a really different beast from women's styling (duh) but dudes are refreshing to dress and generally easygoing on-set.

Speaking of men, I saw the most perfectly dressed man at lunch yesterday and wish sushi could have been a more appropriate occasion to snap a photo of him. He was wearing a worn-in grey henley, perfect fitting jeans cuffed just above the ankle with no socks, a slouchy beanie and casual black lace up loafers. I would bet money at least one of those items was Yohji but that he spent no longer than 5 minutes getting dressed. The point in this story? None. But he was hot.

And if any guys read this blog (haaay!) or women that would like to see two devilishly handsome friends of mine who maintain an incredible blog - check out Street Etiquette. Travis and Josh are extremely talented beyond their good looks and inspire me daily.

Thanks Valet. & Cory!

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