November 26, 201124 Comments

Letter from the Editor: TBH


in the Spare Room photobooth with my better half, Natalie. A night to remember with Thom Yorke and a RT from Erykah Badu.

Hello. These re-introductory posts give me anxiety. If I must explain my absence (says me), I was just taking a moment to live a life less posted and if I'm being honest (which I always try) I've been learning to want to live again. I'm a work in progress, but with the love and support I've been shown lately (thank you), I'm in a better place to get things done. With that said, I'm actually not that sad anymore: I'm having real fun again, the creative juices are flowing, blogging doesn't feel like a chore, life itself doesn't feel like a chore and I'm finally ready to talk about it! My psychologist would call this progress. She also equated my aversion to [things in my life, this blog included] to a fear of flying; it gets harder and harder the more you psych yourself out and avoid it, but easier with consistency. I think she's right.

I've never hidden that I live with clinical depression, but I did stop talking about it here at some point and I'm not sure if that helped anything. I do know that on a human level you can all relate, so you'll be seeing a far more candid me (which is not just consumed by emo rants) smushed alongside some pretty pictures and shoes and stuff, too. If I include the non-fashion stuff, you'll get way more context, content and fewer blog-lapses. This way, I'll be happier and maybe I can help you find your way through a tough time or two as well.

I love you.

June 3, 201129 Comments

Did you miss me?


Versace 'January J' sunglasses, Yestadt Millinery Soothsayer Turban, my favorite dark lipstick I put on just for you and Dr. Bob.

I sure missed you (yeah you!). A few have recently asked if I'd quit blogging, and you may (or may not) be wondering the same as I haven't updated in a month or so. The short answer is "no." The long answer is "nooooooo!"

The longer answer is - as those of you who keep up with me on twitter know - I recently had surgery, an abdominal myomectomy exactly, to correct some lady-issues still related to my endometriosis. I didn't want to flood my blog and twitter with half-hearted and fully-medicated nonsense, so I didn't. Though, looking back some of it would have been pretty funny. Feel free to google if you're actually interested in what's going on with me healthwise, otherwise just know that my surgery went very well and I'm hopeful that this time we've taken care of the issues for the long-term.

On the real, life is tough in general and maintaining a fashion blog through the physical and emotion pain I was dealing with honestly wasn't my main concern. So, hey, I left it unattended for a minute and we all survived! I've been recovering for the past few weeks and while I don't yet have full feeling back in my lower abs, I am now happy to report:

I am back and if all goes as planned I'm about to go H.A.M.

So thank you, as always, for bearing with me! Sitting in bed recovering has one upside: plenty of time to shop online and the goods have piled up. I'll start with these siiiick new sunglasses which I actually didn't buy online, but whatever. I saw this photo of January Jones looking amazing in them (they are from her Versace collaboration after all), so I had Sean pick them up for me. Last pair in the store - what now!? The turban was an amazing gift from my new favorite Yestadt Millinery who I'll be sharing more about soon. Love them!

[*PS - to those of you waiting on my miracle beauty product, I'll be whipping up a post this weekend. I also just finished my first DIY in while - it's easy and oh so good!]

And here's a bonus from Dr. Bob's office haha


July 21, 201032 Comments

Letter From the Editor


photo from 2008, my last time in hospital attire. because you needed a visual, right?


I know it's been rather quiet around here, so I thought it was time to update my blog with what's going on IRL. My posting tends to slow down when there's an excess of real-life matters on my plate, which I guess there is right now.

I will be having surgery early tomorrow morning to correct some issues related to my endometriosis diagnosis from yesteryear. It's nothing to be concerned about and my biggest concern at the moment is that I can't eat dinner tonight and that Leo DiCaprio might extract proprietary information from my anesthesia-induced dreams. Inception-style. But as long as JGL is there, I'm cool.

I could say that my medical issues have been keeping from blogging, but that wouldn't be totally true. I just haven't been much in the mood. BUT I am marking the occasion to re-light my fire! Especially because...

  1. I recently acquired some cute new shit I've been wanting to share (hello, bullet bra, Luxirare cuff, my first pair of designer sunnies, vintage Hieroglyph skirt, et al!)
  2. I will be in Utah (yes, Utah) for a bit doing wardrobe for a rad indie film, so you can expect quite a few updates about my experiences.
  3. I have some DIYs in my mental queue.
  4. I've been incredibly inspired (and less domesticated) lately.

I've been told (and it's true) that my sense of humor can be quite morbid, so I'm going to end this post here before I make a bunch of inappropriate funeral-wear/open-casket outfit post jokes...

OMG I'm so sorry, seriously, I am NOT DYING! So, fear not: blogging will resume in like... a week! LOVE YOU ALL!

PS - The winners of the giveaway have been chosen and will receive emails before the week's end!

December 6, 200915 Comments

What I Wore: Lazy Sunday

kai aakmann sweater lna leggings

Kai Aakmann keyhole drape sweater; LNA zipper leggings; Jeffrey Campbell potion boots

Slept in, ate a late lunch, went book browsing, to see Up in the Air, and came home to watch Dexter. No complaints.

Up in the Air was fantastic - highly recommend. Plenty of close-ups of George Clooney and his incredible bottom eyelashes (Ya, I'm a Clooney creep, so what?), but also great editing, great story, and great acting. A+.

My Kai Aakmann sweater was itchy at first, not sure if I just got used to it or if it has gotten better with wear, but I love it now. It's warm and cozy, and I love the keyhole detail and random sling that make it more interesting than my other sweaters. And Jackie handed me down these LNA zipper leggings that go with everything.

I also spent some time this weekend wrapping gifts at United Cerebral Palsy. It felt really good to do something without needing or wanting anything in return. I love helping people, and the holiday spirit has officially kicked in. Not to get all preachy, but I really hope everyone will take some time to do something charitable this season (or any season). I don't have much money to give, but there are plenty of other ways to help and I hope to do more in the coming year.

OH P.S. - I have an unworn pair of these Jeffrey Campbell boots (in a size 9) I'm looking to sell, so here are your first dibs! email me!

August 30, 20092 Comments



My best friend Leah. She's a keeper.

She brought me back this super cute ring from her trip to Aruba. It's on my thumb above, but I'll have to take a clearer pic soon.

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