Here’s the super-sneak peek at the new blog layout that myself & KP have been working on, alongside my inspiration (and my messy desktop)!

My inspiration for the new layout is French Vogue‘s “une fille un style” section, where they highlight the life & style of influential creative women. I definitely hope to be in this section one day, but ’til then, this is my little fantasy version. The photos will change each month, so you’ll see a slightly new layout each month, kind of like a real magazine (see what I did there?).

I’m hoping to have it live this week as I’m (still) itching to be back up & posting. I have lots I want to share (including adventures with miss Gala Darling who is staying with me while in LA)!

I’m admittedly terrified of change… but who couldn’t use a nice clean slate from time to time?

So – what do you think??



+ New blog should be live by next week! I have lots I want to post, so I’m excited :)


+ I tried sushi for the first time. It was so-so.


Hellooo again!  So the re-design is coming along (!), and I wanted to get your feedback (something other than “post moar nooow!”)… I have my own ideas about where I’d like to take things while remaining, at the core, the same. But as much as I blog for myself, I blog for you guys. So what do you want more of? Less of?

Outfit posts?
Internship stories?
Photo diaries?
To-do lists?
My friends?
My work?
My friends’ work?
More words?
More cowbell?

Sound off..or don’t, and I’ll just do my thang… whatever that may be.

I’ve been working on a lot and I can’t wait for a nice new home to talk about it in.  Oh, and if you have any favorite/memorable posts of mine please let me know! Thanks!


“Strangely enough, I had a dream about Teen Vogue last night. In the dream, Jazzi McGilbert emailed me to tell me she had talked to some guy at Teen Vogue named Brad and managed to snag me a week-long trial internship. So I get to the offices, only they’re nothing like the ones I visited during Fashion U. For some reason I ended up among a group of wannabe-longterm-interns sitting with our feet in a pool and working to memorize a set of rules. Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld, and Amy Astley sat across the pool from me, staring sternly. A few kids were diving into the pool, and I wondered how they could do that while the editors were giving us such death glares.”

via thefashionyblog

I love it. For the record, Amy Astley would never death-stare! Carine, maybe. Anna, probably. Glad I made it into the dream instead of LC or Whitney. The old school Teen Voguettes know whatsup! Holla!

I’m honered, Kori! Thanks :)


Not really a Thanksgiving feast, but whatev, it’s Naomi!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ll be spending the holiday en route to LA eating airport food and hoping all the pie and greens aren’t gone by the time I get home. I’m excited/anxious/nervous and plotting some fun changes when I get situated. Can’t wait! LA blogging should commence Monday!

Since we’re giving thanks today – thank YOU for being SO supportive of me and continuing to visit/email/message/comment even when I have these stints without updates. It means a lot to have anyone rooting for little old me :)

Hopefully I’ve helped you out with some sound advice, or at least entertained with my rambling a little bit… because there’s a lot more where that came from.