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Since interning for Teen Vogue, Vogue, Variety, & Fashionista.com (to name a few), I have continued to work in fashion & media (print, web, social media and consulting). Foremost, I am a freelance creative type, writer, and stylist, but no singular title encompasses all that I do, have done, or aim to do. Try me.

I started blogging in 2006 as my shout into the darkness about fashion, style, work, life and whatever might be on my mind on a given day, complete with pictures, of course. It traces my path to a career in fashion, and as I come from humble beginnings (and a humble present & future), I feel the need to let everyone know that the fashion industry can be tackled without a trust fund. I am thrilled that you're reading this right now (hi!) and that people have found value in my style & creative insight - or even found my advice on work & internships of help on their own paths.

I bounce around a lot, but I am still a little too easy to get a hold of. I can usually be found somewhere between the racks in NYC or LA, my laptop, or a good book.

Right now, I live in Los Angeles, CA where I am available for hire. You can reach me any time via email at jazzimcg@gmail.com with any inquiries (job opportunities, advertising inquiries, advice, or just to say hey).

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