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Vintage barrette, channeling Elle Fanning/Rodarte  SS11 (via Nowness)

A nice lady at the Jewish Council thrift on Fairfax gave me this vintage barrette when she heard me telling my Grandmother how perfect it was. It's been affixed to my hair pretty much ever since. Barrettes and swooped hair for 2011! This show was without a doubt my favorite hair/makeup of the season and don't get me started on my love for the Fannings.

So much to update. I can't even apologize for being the most sporadic blogger ever anymore - I've accepted that's just what it is. I hope you'll bear with me (and you can always get a fix via NYLON Daily)! I've been doing a lot (including styling a Nike campaign that was so much fun) and will share soon! But probably in my own time - it's healthier that way.

Right now I'm in NYC until Saturday (total last minute pre-NYFW jaunt), then off to Vegas for Magic/Project. Very excited about both! Random fact: I'm currently holed up in my good friend's apartment in Park Slope and her bedspread is the perfect Rodarte-style chinoiserie print. Love. Wonder if she'd let me make a dress out of it...